Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday: Urban Picnics

After church a couple weekends ago Phil and I went on an urban picnic to Williams Tower.  Of all the places in Houston to picnic, this one is truly an unlikely place, but definitely perfect for a picnic.  We live near the Galleria (a HUGE shopping mall in Houston) and just south of the mall is Williams Tower.  This tower is the 4th tallest building in Texas.  No matter where I am in Houston, I can see this tower and use it as a compass.  I guess the sun is another good tool, but I chose to use the tower instead lol

Phil and I always said that we wanted to go walk around Williams Tower before we left Houston, so this was the perfect opportunity for us.  It was a perfect place for a picnic and definitely a good place for some photos. DSC_0362DSC_0421DSC_0364DSC_0407
DSC_0360DSC_0372DSC_0374DSC_0423DSC_0441Of course we brought the pups with us on your picnic!DSC_0368DSC_0377It was a little windy next to the water; my hair was out of control lolDSC_0403
The lawn next to Williams Tower is gorgeous.  If you’re in Houston check it out some time; it’s a great backdrop for photographs :-)
xoxo Darby


Lindsay said...

This looks gorgeous! What a fun place to visit. And you are so adorable, friend!

Susan Fleming said...

It looks very inviting--next time I'm there maybe we can do this again--love ya

Irish Italian Blessings said...

Oh wow! It's gorgeous. I love the waterfall pic.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

That area looks lovely and I so need to visit Houston again!

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