Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What I’m Lovin’ Wednesday: Rooney’s BIRTHDAY!

I’m not sure I even believe that I’m writing this, but Mr. Rooney turns one on Saturday!  I am completely shocked.  How fast did this year go?!  I feel old saying that, but it’s true!

In honor of Rooney’s first birthday, I wanted to take a trip down memory lane and document his first year as a Hawley.  Warning this post is going to be a HUGE picture overload.  Seriously, consider yourself warned.  *See Tomlin’s one-year post here*

When we got Rooney in the middle of January this year he was 6 weeks old and weighed 4 pounds.  He was soooo sick (and super smelly).  (Bringing pup home post)Rooney Collage 2
Tomlin was not sure what to think of Rooney.  For a while we were worried about how this was going to work.  But within a couple weeks, Tomlin really started to fall in love with her new little brother.  They are now inseparable (seriously they cry when they can’t see the other; it’s very sweet).  Though Tomlin still has a problem with sharing sometimes. lol
Rooney has always been a good eater. Every meal is as if it was his first meal in a bazillion years.  I’m sure this stems from the neglect he experienced before we rescued him <-- Clearly that is the psychologist in me talking-once a nerd always a nerd ;-)

For the first few months we were at the vet every two weeks trying to get Rooney healthy. Poor little guy was so sick.  But every time we went to the vet there were fewer and fewer issues to treat! We all, including our bank account, appreciated that!Animals 1DSC_0209-1
From the beginning Rooney has been a lap dog.  He loves to snuggle.  This is becoming harder and harder considering he is now 62.5 lbs but he still thinks he is 4lbs. lolDSC_0721

In March Rooney got his first “formal ware”DSC_0252
I remember every moment of this day (below).  This was the morning after I defended my dissertation and we went on a walk.  It was at this moment that I realized Rooney was starting to be a dog, and not a puppy.  I guess I had missed that in the writing chaos that stole my spring.DSC_0335

In June, Rooney went on his first road trip: from TX to VA.  Both pups loved the hotel beds….they had no intention of sharing with us.DSC_0148

Over the summer Rooney went to the beach for the first time.  I think he thought the beach was a big bowl of a sandy snack lolDSC06374

Rooney and Tomlin play very well together.  They also get in trouble very well together.  This was their worst Dog ShamingDSC_0347-2

At one,
-Rooney has gotten a lot better with his commands (see a video from earlier in the year here).  He can now sit, stay, shake, and turn left. 
-Rooney hates to be alone.  He cries, or wails rather, when he is left alone.
-Rooney loves to ride in the front passenger seat and look out the window.
-Rooney absolutely adores Tomlin; he copies everything she does.  I’m not sure if he looks to her as a mother or a big sister: they play together all day long, but she also cleans him and is constantly making sure he is following the rules, and when he isn’t she is the most effective little tattler lol 
-Rooney has yet to figure out that he is not only heavier than Tomlin but much taller.  He lets her boss him around all the time.  Watching these two brings us so much joy!DSC_0155-3DSC_0178-2DSC_0179-2Rooney Collage 1
That concludes the puppy phase for the Hawleys!  In 1.5 years we have raised TWO puppies!  I thought we were crazy to take on both pups, but it has turned out to be such a blessing in every way possible!  Thank you Lord for letting us take care of these two beautiful pups!
xoxo Darby


Joy said...

Oh Roo Boo! You have grown so much this year. I loved all your stages of growth... even though your mommy thought she was going to go crazy with some of your issues. =) You were a precious little baby, and now you're a handsome boy. Auntie Joy loves you and Tomlin... and I know you're mom and dad are going to make sure you have the best first birthday ever! I think your birthday gift is top notch... a new backyard!!!

Darbs... give Rooney a big hug and kiss from me and MB. And one for Tomlin too!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

This post makes me so joyful! Happy birthday, Rooney!

I think the dog shaming picture is my favorite. (Well, they're ALL my favorite!) I can't believe they chewed a hole in the carpet right before you moved out!

Kellyn Fleming said...

Happy Birthday to big boy Rooney!!! I can't believe he is already one and all grown up. I love all the pictures through the year. He is seriously one of the most handsome dogs i've ever seen, seriously! I think my favorite one is still of Rooney as a puppy in the basket. So darling! I am so happy he is a healthy doggy now and loving life with Tomlin. I agree with Joy, a new backyard is the best bday gift!!!

Tell Rooney boy I said Happy Birthday and give my love to both pups! (They'll always be puppies to me)

Love, Auntie Kellyn

Lindsay said...

Awe such a cutie! Happy Birthday!

Lindsey said...

I just love this post! Happy Birthday, Rooney! What a handsome young man you've become :-) Darby, what kind of dogs are Rooney & Tomlin? They remind me so much of my Vegas!

Meg {henninglove} said...

wow i can't believe it has been a year already. i remember your post last year when you introduced us to him and 1 year already!! wow and i love that photo of rooney eating and tomlin behind him with his head cocked like excuse me what do you think you are doing??

Lindsay said...

Cutest. post. ever. Seriously, I remember when you first posted about him. So very sweet. happy one year!

Whitney said...

Awwww he's so sweet!! I love the picture of Rooney laying his head on Tomlin's back!

The Cavallaro's said...

This post just proves how much the both of treat our poochies like kids! I seriously love ALL of these pictures (and am totally picturing Lola and Bella doing exactly what Rooney & Tomlin are doing!)

I especially love the one of Baby Rooney laying on Tomlin taking a snooze! That is SOO cute (I also realize how awesome you are as a photog because all of these pictures are so flattering to the kiddos! You really captured their good angles!!!)

And I REALLY love the dogsaming one (did you see my Instagram about how Lola ate my favorite pair of coach shoes? Should have dogshamed her for sure!)

And we REALLY need a puppy play date! I think the poochies would get along so well!

P.S. If you're a nerd, i'm certainly a nerd too!

So awesome that you saved this little poochies life! You are such a wonderful momma to your furpups!

Wish you were going tomorrow :(

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