Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What I’m Lovin’ Wednesday: Dog Shaming

Have you heard of this website?
By far, one of the funniest websites of dog’s getting in trouble or doing hilarious things.
Seriously, go check it out peeps.
I’ve cackled at this website hundreds of times.
Then my dogs did this………DSC_0347-2
Not so funny.
This is the first time either one of the pups have destroyed something other than a toy. 
I know, I know.
I should be thrilled that this is the only thing damaged in 1.5 years with 2 puppies.
Still upset with these two. 
But I’ll get over it soon….probably the first time one of them comes to snuggle up with me.
I mean look at those brown eyes….
Okay, I guess I’m over it already. 
It’s just carpet and a deposit, right?
xoxo Darby


Erin Reissig said...

I LOVE dog shaming. (I think it's the only acceptable shaming...)I can't help but laugh when I read them. Plus, Mr. R's face is priceless!

Danie said...

Lol! So glad you took the picture, priceless! Well, technically not priceless.. but you know ;)!

The Style Chronicles said...

Never heard of that site, now I have something new to haunt.

Oh Darby, I bet you needed those glitter pills after coming home to that.

Seriously, those glitter pills would make such cute Christmas presents. XX ~ E

Lindsay said...

haha- but look how cute and guilty they look!

Kellyn Fleming said...

Haha, this cracks me up! Rooney has guilty written all over his face with those puppy eyes! "Please, mom don't be mad look how cute I am" and Tomlin is just saying, "I have no idea what you're talking about it must have been Rooney" :)

Miss. MP said...

Oh my gosh I am cracking up over here. Too funny and super cute. btw- I started blogging again (no longer simply kelly, but now Miss. MP hope you stop by.

The Style Chronicles said...

YES YEs YES!! THose would make great fun gifts, even stocking stuffers.

his little lady said...

Oh gosh, thanks for sharing the website. The funniest thing I've seen in a while. I plan on being on it all day!! ;)
xo TJ

DaisyGirl said...

haha!!! Oh my!! I know you're not happy...I wouldn't be either...AT. ALL....but they are so cute...............

tara said...

dog shaming is hilarious!! and my sweet little sammy has chewed not one but TWO holes in our carpet! :(

Domesticable said...

Oh no!!!! Buttheads!! I have to say though, that's the most elegant dog shamming sign I've ever seen. :)


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