Monday, April 11, 2016

A Day In The Life- Take 2

Does this make me nosey? I love to see what days are like for other people.  Not special days, but just the normal, average, day.  So in case your nosey like me (hehe, I kid), then here is a peak into a veeeeeeery normal day for us. No glam here, but just an hour by hour what happens around Chateau Hawley everyday. (This is from Thursday this past week.)

To be honest, these #adayinthelife posts are getting harder and harder to do.  Not that my days are hard, it’s just that I am happily distracted with the actually living part.  But I’m really glad that I did this last week.  Like really glad.  One day these days will be so far away and I wont remember what every day was like and this will be a nice glimpse into what a regular day was like with a newborn & a one year old.  The last time I wrote one of these posts I was just pregnant with Ellis and Dutch had just turned 1, and to say that life has changed in just 8 months would be like the ultimate understatement of the year.  It’s neat to me to look back at what life was like; but honestly, some things are still the same just bigger.  Like laundry and changing diapers.  I still do that around the clock…just more now. hahaha

It's 7am, and I overslept by an hour! After I nurse Ellis at 5:30 I always pump so today I'm having breakfast and pumping to get back on track before the babies wake up. Hopefully I can get my devotional in today12918438_553283354859587_1390253032_n 
It's 8am. ..I'm shocked Dutch isn't awake yet so I'm doing the dishes since that darn Dish Fairy skipped over our house again last night! I normally do dishes before bed but I fell asleep on the couch last night oooops1391257_1705489253024940_499429751_n
It's 9am...bedhead :-) Dutch is awake drinking his milk, mama is watching her daily dose of the Today Show (an addiction really lol), & Ellis is sleeping still.12142379_1536594549970050_181101528_n 
It's 10am...look who's awake! Ellis has been fed & changed, Dutch is having the blueberry waffles I made him, & I'm on my second cup of coffee. 12502045_516139691906157_801992304_n 
It's 11am....Dutch is working on his numbers & letters 12519534_1014188512008213_222094823_n-

It's girl has been nursed back to sleep, Dutch had smoked chicken salad, cheese, and crackers for lunch, and now I've started laundry and going through Dutch’s shoes to see what still fits so I'm ready to shop at the consignment sale this weekend.12519088_474264399440899_2014875597_n 
It's 1pm...nursed Ellis, vacuumed the house, and now putting my laundry away. Then Dutch is going down for a nap. Glamorous life y'all lol12905026_1535364556768013_631252795_n 
It's 2pm....swapping smiles with this precious little one!12907236_1678983742354076_549931956_n-

It's nursing snuggles while I check email, read some blogs, & shop on the couch 12530900_1054835407872718_1506036836_n

It's 4pm...reheated my 2nd cup of coffee for the 2000th time, pumping again, & folding diapers again 12519351_1681861262054946_1573560106_n

It's 5pm...dinner is in the oven and I'm trying to finish these birth announcements that I've been addressing for 3 weeks now. I will finish before Ellis is one!12930916_219150241778029_789456376_n

At 6pm...we had loaded sweet potatoes, with roasted dijon chicken served over a spinach and goat cheese salad.1517237_1071308026245407_1645420991_n

It's 7pm... My view from the kitchen is heavenly 12519101_1580984842217986_1584375478_n

It's 8pm...we played, cleaned up, watched 1 episode of Mickey Mouse, did our Hotdog dance (y'all we are good, you should see our moves!), & put Dutch to bed12328399_988753694534271_1168636973_n

It's more nursing session for this girl before we go to bed. I'm gunna call it for today because if history is any indication I'm going to pass out right here on the couch before I drag myself to bed after our next nursing session around midnight. Night y'all!12531143_1743359709216598_66370561_n-2

So that is our pretty regular day, now times today by 7 and that's our everyday :-)  It isn’t a glamorous life but it is a life I love and am grateful for every single day!  If you want to follow more of this super exciting life I live (hahahahahaha, I can’t even write that with a straight face lol), feel free to follow LWTH on Instagram!
xoxo Darby

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