Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Confession Time: This Mama is Coming Clean!!!

Maybe it's because I'm feeling poorly with some lovely food poisoning, or maybe I'm just feeling the need to get some stuff on my chest.  Either way, I'm gunna let you know some real stuff. 

1. Peepee Time- It's been a while since I got to use the restroom without my little helper handing me perfectly shredded toilet paper squares.  While I love the help (hehe), I admit that I got up early last Sunday just so that I could go to the bathroom by myself. 

2. Bear Jealousy- If you follow me on Instagram then you've probably seen pictures of Dutch with his bear.  This bear was actually in a floral arrangement that we received when Dutch was born.  I put it in his crib corner because I honestly didn't know what to do with it.  It stayed there for about a year.  About the time Dutch turned one, this bear became gold to overnight!  I don't know what he sees in this bear, but whatever it is, it's very important.  Bear is a buddy, "is funny", is his snack date, playmate outside....bear is a big deal.  Bear is so much of a big deal that I have ordered 2 extras, so that now we have 3...of course Dutch doesn't know that.  I have them in case something tragic happens to bear.  I rotate the bears so that I can wash them but also so that they are all "loved" or worn the same amount and he can't tell them apart.  Now I bet you think that the effort I put into preserving 3 bears would be my confession, but it is not!  It gets worse!  The other day Dutch fell down and he was crying so I asked him where bear was for his comfort.  And that's when it hit me:  what used to bring him comfort was me, but now it's a stuffed bear........I HAVE BEEN REPLACED! I knew this was going to happen, I just didn't think it would happen this soon.  Throughout his life I will become more and more replaced, pushed further into the backseat......there will be sports and girlfriends and then eventually a wife and family.  So yep, right now I am jealous of that stuffed bear because it symbolizes the start of him drifting into his own individuality and I'm just not ready for it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaIMG_5578IMG959101

3. Bubbles Are The Devil- Yeah I said it, and I stand by it!  Hate is such a good word, no I take that back, loathe is a much better word to describe my feelings toward those darn floating sods.  So okay, while I loathe them, bubbles are the best thing in the world to Dutch (next to bear of course, see above).  Bubbles bring Dutch so much joy; his face lights up like the Rockefeller tree when we play with them, or even mention the word.  Any normal mother would love bubbles too then, right?  Not me.  Of course I love to watch Dutch happy with bubbles, it's just that while I'm watching him I'm already anticipating what is going to happen when the bubbles are gone or we have to put them away.  It is a a really really bad nightmare.  Dutch is a very easy going kid; he doesn't cry or throw tantrums or have meltdowns.  Honestly he is a dream kid so far, so maybe I'm just not trained in the code of the toddler? When the bubbles go away the rest of the day is completely shot.  He is sooooooo sad when the bubbles are gone. So genuinely upset with the bubble exit.  Not to steal his joy, but I honestly do everything I can to avoid bubbles.  I’ve even secretly wished that maybe he would spill the bubbles so that they would be gone, but then I dread that he would spill them and be so sad.  But you know what? Bubbles are everywhere; it’s bubble season!  Over Easter Dutch got some bubbles & I think my eye balls came out of their sockets when I saw them.  I braced myself and just hoped he would go through them quickly.  And he did!  But then a super sweet little girl, no sarcasm here at all I promise, a really well meaning child offered her bubbles to Dutch when his were gone and he was sad.  It was so kind, but I’m pretty sure I stared that sweet girl down like she just offered my kid crack.  So I guess it’s not that I hate the bubbles so much as I hate that we can’t have bubbles constantly and I have to watch my child be so sad.  I guess with all things, this is just a phase and one day I will love bubbles again, but hopefully I wont be too late.IMG_20151019_220932DSC_0267

4. More Bows?- Um yes........I need more bows.  I know that I just wrote a post about Zozu Baby bows last week, but I'm not done talking about them (or thinking about them for that matter).  There are subscription boxes to everything these days & I've honestly always wanted to participate in them.  I've never pulled the trigger because I really can't justify the purchase; they're usually over-priced for what you get and really just small samples that you wont use very long.  Well my friends, I have finally caved and joined a subscription box for Lady Ellis.  I ordered Little Poppy Co bows!  They are three super stylish bows on a clip or nylon that we will get in the mail once a month for only $11.99!  That is an amazing deal!  I'm just dying for our first box to arrive and I can't wait to tell you what we think!Capture

5. And More Leggings?- Oh yes guilty here again too!  I think I told y'all that I underestimated the number of leggings I needed postpartum.  I think I need about 10 pairs....but friends I have stumbled upon THE BEST leggings every created.  They are SO good that they're called PERFECT FIT leggings!!! Even the name is perfect!  It's no secret that I'm a bit obsessed with Grace & Lace (I love the product and the heart of this company), but I didn't try the leggings until this month.  HOLY MOLY I am crazy to not have tried these sooner!  These leggings (and honestly, the capris as well) are amazing.  Not only do they fit well, but they also make me look like I'm not still pregnant!  Woah talk about making this mama feel pretty again! Y'all go get you some stat!Grace and Lace Leggings Collage

Okay I think that’s enough confessing for one day, right?  haha
What do you need to confess today?  You’ve used more dry shampoo than actual shampoo lately?
I know I’m in good company, so come on spill it y’all! 
xoxo Darby

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Perks of Ponder said...

I HATE the bubbles. Here is our issue. Jack wants to blow them himself but then he puts his little lips to the wand so of course the bubbles will not blow. He pitches a fit. He wants to hold the bubbles himself and then will bend over to pop a bubble and will spill out the solution. He screams when they are gone. I try to teach him to lay the solution down but no he has to do it his way which results in screaming.

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