Friday, April 29, 2016

Houston Favorites with Granny

It’s really tough living away from family, but it got much harder when we had children.  Our families don’t get to see our children and that makes me so so so sad.  When Granny was visiting in Houston I wanted to take her along with us so that she could see some of Dutch’s favorites things to do.  After we visited Houston’s new color wall, we went to one of Dutch’s favorite places: the Children’s Museum.  We usually go there a lot, but we haven't been since Ellis was born so I knew that he would just love to play and show Granny around.  Going to the Children’s Museum usually works up an appetite for everyone so I made sure that before we left home for the museum to pack a picnic lunch.  There are plenty of parks near the museum so we just went to Herman Park which is within walking distance of the museum.DSC_0846-2DSC_0854DSC_0849DSC_0853DSC_0860DSC_0870DSC_0875DSC_0885DSC_0888DSC_0896DSC_0898DSC_0906DSC_0904
Books are still a pretty big deal to Dutch (praise the Lord!) and reading with Granny is so special.  I tried to sneak in pictures of them reading together as much as I could.  Another morning Granny was here she built a fort with Dutch.  They got to have a picnic lunch together in their fort and read lots of books.DSC_0596DSC_0914DSC_0920
We also made sure to celebrate Granny’s birthday while she was here.  And I think it’s safe to say that Dutch is a big fan of birthday cake.  He is definitely ready for his second birthday.  I’m starting to plan it, so I better make sure we have some kind of cake that he can dive into lolDSC_0594
For dinner one night while Granny was here we went to Ruggles Green at City Centre.  Dutch couldn’t care less about eating there, but he absolutely loves the green area that he gets to play in after dinner.  He loves to run around with the other kiddos.  I always have so much fun watching him play with daddy.DSC_0932DSC_0938DSC_0941DSC_0944DSC_0946DSC_0954DSC_0958DSC_0960DSC_0971DSC_0974
Watching these two play and explore together, makes me feel pretty good.  I’m not sure who had more fun.  The days Granny was visiting I was so glad that I got a chance to sit back and watch my mom play & develop a relationship with my kids.
xoxo Darby

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Whitney H said...

It sounds like you guys had a great time! Being away from family is so hard, but I know it makes you cherish the time you have together even more.

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