Wednesday, April 27, 2016

At The Color Wall

A couple weeks ago, my mom flew into Houston to see me……no scratch that, we all know she flew in to spend time with the babies and meet Ellis.  I’m pretty sure she would be okay with me saying that too lol The last time she was in Houston I was about 8 weeks preggo and deep in the morning sickness sea.  Needless to say we didn’t do many fun things, so I really wanted to make sure we had fun and got to make memories with Granny with this visit.  Since Houston just got a new color wall I thought it would be an awesome opportunity to have some pictures made with Granny and her grandbabies to just capture this moment in time.  It sure is sweet to watch Granny and my little ones interact.DSC_0603DSC_0615-2DSC_0614-2DSC_0612-2DSC_0623DSC_0626DSC_0607-2DSC_0693-2DSC_0653DSC_0655DSC_0671DSC_0677DSC_0700-2DSC_0708DSC_0732DSC_0753DSC_0801-2DSC_0768DSC_0785DSC_0812DSC_0830DSC_0837-2DSC_0843
We made other fun memories while Granny was here and I’ll share those pictures later this week :-)
xoxo Darby

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