Monday, February 27, 2012

Non-Repliers Make Me Sad, So Very Sad!

Is this you? You may not know it, but this could be you!  I was talking with my friend Mel (check her out here) and this is something that frustrates us both as bloggers.  So after writing the short tutorial on how to fix your word verification (find here), I decided to write another short Blogger tutorial for you.

What is a “Non-Replier”?
I ADORE my readers and LOVE to respond to comments you leave me here at LWTH.  In fact, I read every. single. comment. When technology allows, I respond to every. single. comment.  However, if you’re a Non-Replier I CAN’T respond to your comments. Why? Because you wont let me, so I cry!!!!!! Waaaaaaaaa!!!

What do I mean by this?
If you’re a Non-replier, your account is set up so that when you leave a comment I can’t respond.  When I click reply, it says “” That is SO sad!

Are you a Non-Replier? And, how to correct this!
To check if you’ve committed this blogging sin, go to your Dashboard where you "Design" your blog.  In the top right corner click the drop down arrow, and select "Blogger Profile"

Select "Edit Profile" in the top right corner   

Make sure there is a check next to “Show my email address”  Non Reply Bloggers 2
To the right,  it should say “Currently set to your email address” If it does not, then scroll down and enter your email address in the Identity section.  Non Reply Bloggers 3 Then click “Save Profile” at the bottom.
That’s it! By entering your email address, if you leave a comment, then you will hear back from me. How awesome is this?!
I hope this helps you hear back from bloggers where you leave comments!  I know I’m going to love responding to your awesome comments and questions!Keep Calm and Blog
Happy Monday! Have a great week :-)
xoxo Darby


Becca Christensen said...

I want a print version of that keep calm poster.

I'd also like you to move to Florida and be my bff. : ]

Lindsey said...

Hi Darby! I think I may be guilty but I'm in the newer version of Blogger so I'm not following your your steps. When you reply to comments, are you emailing the person? Do you know how to comment directly below the original comment? I have been having trouble with this.

Thanks! Lindsey

ErlizaMac said...

Thanks for the tutorial, I didn't even realize I hadn't enabled this. I think I just fixed it, let me know if I didn't! :)

applesandglue said...

So does this mean that if you reply to my comment HERE, I'll get an email about it? Because that's the one thing I thought blogger needed!

applesandglue said...

Oop, nevermind, I don't have a blogger profile so it won't work for me... :(

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