Saturday, February 18, 2012

Blogger News and HELP!!!

Some bloggers have the word verification set in place on their blogs so that after you write a comment you have to type in the provided code to make sure you’re not a robot or something.  However, Blogger has changed up the way this function this week, and now the code is 2 words and it’s even more challenging to read (especially from your phone).
For example:
What is that second word?!?!?!
Word Verification
The older system was a little annoying but I went with it, no big deal. Now the comments I leave I have to verify like three times because I can’t read them. By the second time I get frustrated and give up. This is really sad because I love reading your posts and leaving you bloggy love.  The purpose of the word verification system is to decrease spam; however, it makes it VERY difficult for your readers to leave a comment. And don’t you want comments?!
So please if you want me and your other readers to leave a comment on your blog, please remove the word verification.
How to:
Go to your blog Dashboard
Click “Settings”
Click “Comments”
Next to “Show word verification for comments?” Make sure that “No” is checked.
Then “Save Settings” at the bottom.
Thank you!!!!!!! Hope you’re having a great weekend!!!!!
xoxo Darby


SSM said...

I feel the same way and only comment on a few blogs that have

At times, I have had to type the comment up to "three times"(because I usually try to edit) by then I'm ready to give up.

Thank you for sharing.

Enjoy your weekend.

Irish Italian Blessings said...

I noticed it just changed recently too, I don't have word ver because spam comments can be entertaining :)

Heather said...


Unknown said...

Thanks for putting this out there! It seems like only the new blogger have the word verification thing on!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Oh thank goodness for your's been so annoying!

Lindsay said...

I have to keep pushing the refresh button to get a word I can see. It's kind of annoying, but I know some people want to make sure they are not getting spam comments, so I understand.

Unknown said...

I SOOOOOOO agree! I've been so frustrated with that recently... I feel like I'm the only blind idiot out there who gets those things wrong, but at least someone else has some troubles. If people would fix that and the no-reply stuff, blog world would be so much better! : )

-Mel the Crafty Scientist

The Bean Sprout Notes said...

Hopefully this note will help all the other newbies like me.....

I just clicked through five or six different blogs talking about this subject, and driving myself crazy, because my blogger dashboard doesn't look like the ones in the example. I absolutely CANNOT find the yes/no box for word verification under any category.

Then after some deep digging, I found the SOLUTION.... most new bloggers are defaulted to the "updated" blogger format. For time being, this new version does not allow the option of turning off word verification.

***If you want to remove word verification you must first SWITCH BACK to the OLD platform. For now that seems like the only choice to remove word ver ***

Hopefully this tip is helpful to others. I am posting this same message on every blog I referenced while trying to solve this problem.

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