Sunday, February 12, 2012


Guess what folks! ? I am finishing my PhD in April and will be a bit MIA while I finish up writing.  I don’t want this blog-baby of mine to fall to the way-side.  I will not be gone completely (you know I just can’t cut off blogland completely!), but I will be needing some help.  So with that, I’m looking for guest posters to help during the months of February and March.  
Please email me at
xoxo Darby


Lindsay said...

You know I will help you out! Let me know the date & will send you something.

Jamie said...

You know I'll help you out if you need me. I'm so jealous of you finishing so soon!

Rochelle said...

I wouldn't mind doing a guest post! (: Just let me know what day and I will have something for you!

Crystal said...

That's awesome, Darby!!! Congrats! I know you must be thrilled! :) I would love to do a guest post, too! I will get one together and send to ya and you can just let me know when you are going to post it!

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