Monday, February 6, 2012

Wordy Hearts and Red Paint

I have 2 unbelievably easy craft ideas for you today that would be great Valentine’s decorations.  Are you noticing a trend? I really like cheap and easy crafts haha.

For the first craft, go through your book shelves.   I know you’ve got some old books that you’ve already read, or you’re never going to read, or are completely dated.  If you have an old book of love poems that you feel comfortable chopping up that would be perfect.  For me I picked an old social psychology text book from undergrad (sorry social psychologists!).  DSC_0310
You also need a heart stencil (I used a heart cookie cutter that I had), a pencil, and scissors.  Rip out some of the pages filled with words (I skipped the pages with graphs because that does not sound lovey-dovey to me lol) and trace the hearts onto your book pages.  Then cut out your hearts.DSC_0329DSC_0330
Easy enough, right? You can use these hearts as decorations on your table or as confetti or even make them into garland.  I have mine on the mantle and the breakfast bar.DSC_0335
For the next craft I bought a ceramic key from Hobby Lobby for a dollar and painted it with some red paint….I’m pretty sure that is as easy as it gets lolDSC_0340
I put the painted red key on the breakfast bar with the wordy hearts.DSC_0360Here is everything together at the end of the breakfast bar.  DSC_0361DSC_0362
Festive right?  And what’s better is that both of these crafts, together, only cost me one dollar!  A dollar people!  For that price alone, these just might be my favorite crafts lol
What do you think?
xoxo Darby


Lindsay said...

Oh, this turned out great! Love using everyday items for crafts! Great job!

sherri lynn said...

It turned out great! You make some great cheap crafts! :)

Alexa said...

Oh my gosh...the cutest idea! Love it!

Meggan said...

Great ideas girl!! Love that key!

Danie said...

Too cute girl! You make me sad that I don't decorate for Valentines Day.. I seem to skip right over it for Easter and Spring.

Kelly M. said...

What a cute idea!

Marriage from Scratch said...

I’d love for you to come link this post up at From Scratch Friday (live now on the blog!).


Sugarr2518 said...

Love all of the extra touches you added!

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