Friday, October 2, 2009

French Potato Salad

This was the latest dish I cooked from the Cookbook Club. This was such an easy recipe and it turned out great (not to mention it required minimal mess). Though I will say that my version of this dish does not look as pretty as Ina’s does on page 140. So far I have yet to follow a single recipe as published in the cookbook. I somehow always come up with something different. For this recipe I didn’t have the scallions so I just used a small amount of yellow onion that I already had. I reduced all of the spices because it just looked like too much for our taste buds; reduced to: dill ½ tsp, parsley ¼ tsp, ¼ tsp basil, and 1 tsp of salt at the end. I served this dish cold, because I really wanted to give the potatoes time to soak in all of the flavors. As mentioned in a previous post on the Cookbook Club Blog, this is the perfect picnic dish because there is no mayonnaise in it!
French Potato Salad (page 96)
xoxo Darby

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