Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another kind of pie

Recently I have been making chicken pot pie and lobster pot pie, but last night I made a spinach pie from Ina’s cookbook. This dish was simply delicious and its aroma couldn’t have been better! I really liked this tasty dish. Coming from the northeast coast, this dish definitely reminded me of home and the Greek-Italian restaurants that over populate New York. The only thing I did differently from Ina with the ingredients was to reduce the nutmeg to half of the suggested about amount. In the future I think that I will decrease the spinach by a 1/3 and add in some chicken (my hubby suggested sausage). Also I think I will decrease the salt by half next time. I didn’t have an oven-safe sauté pan, so I just used one of my Corningware dishes; I cooked it for the same amount of time and it was fine. I had never used Phyllo dough before this dish and it was tough at first; primarily because I couldn’t find it in the grocery store (FYI it is in the frozen dessert section). Once I had it home and thawed, I had no idea how fragile it is. Handle it with grace because it breaks extremely easily. On the plus side, a lot comes in a box so I think I might try out some baklava with the left over dough.
Spinach Pie page 163
I tried to make my picture look just like the one from the book
xoxo Darby

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