Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Football Weather

Since I am trying to begin my posts with an adjective other than “busy”, I will say that the past couple weeks have been quite funny. As I mentioned in an earlier post, this month is Octoberstache. To be honest, at this point in the month I cannot take Phil seriously anymore. Every time I look at him I start giggling. Each week he has a new “style.” It’s been pretty funny to watch.

Last weekend was super nice. It rained on Friday but after the rain we had a “cold” front come through Houston. The temperatures were low enough that Phil and I could turn the air conditioning off for the first time since March! It was nice to finally open the windows and have fresh air blowing through the house. It was such a treat even if it was only for a couple days. Saturday was Phil’s first game coaching for our Sunday School football team and it was the perfect football weather. We won both games! Go Saved2Serve!!!
Phil warming up for the second game
xoxo Darby

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