Friday, January 10, 2014

A Year In Progress

home sweet home
December 22nd was the one-year mark for being in our house. This year went by crazy fast!  We got a lot of things done this year on the house, but Listy McListerson (uh yep, that’s me) still has many things on the agenda ;-)  For now, I wanted to review our progress….what we’ve done, and how much we still have left to do!!  Remember this was the video of the house right after we moved in, to give you a point of reference.

Outside of the House/Yard/Garage:
painted the shed --- added a vegetable garden --- added shutters --- added accessories to the garage --- painted the front door --- purchased a fridge for the garage --- fixed the canopy in the back yard --- painted the fire pit black --- painted the back bench black --- purchased a new washer and dryer --- had the house treated for bug prevention --- removed 4 trees in the backyard (oleander, 2 banana, and some tree that I called dinosaur food) --- added a “Welcome” sign to the front doorBefore-2DSC_0086-3Door Collage

painted the cabinets --- added bead board to the island --- new light fixture for the center of the room --- new light fixture for above the sink --- new faucet for the sink --- new hardware for the cabinets and drawers --- purchased bar stools for the island --- made a chalkboard for the kitchen --- purchased a new refrigerator --- had the microwave worked on a ba-zillion times --- added art to the chalkboardBefore & After Collage

Dining Room:
got rid of the hideous kelly green walls --- stenciled a feature wall --- painted the door --- added a mirror above the buffetDSC_0172-2DSC_0241-2

Living Room:
sold all of our old furniture on Craigslist --- had surround sound installed --- painted the walls gray --- built a new mantle --- purchased a new couch --- purchased a new ottoman --- purchased a new rug --- purchased new lighting fixtures --- added a mirror and a screen to the fireplaceDSC_0171-2DSC_0235-2

Master Bedroom:
made a new bed --- purchased a new mattress --- purchased new lamps --- purchased new night stands --- made a vanity out of an armoire --- purchased all new beddinghr3030372-10-2DSC_0415-4

Hall Bathroom:
purchased blinds --- replaced lighting fixtures ---
uh…..clearly this room has A LOT to be desired, it’s still so U-G-L-Y!!DSC_0390-2

Guest Room and Bathroom
painted the shutter headboard --- hung curtains --- purchased blinds for the bedroom and for the bathroomhr3030372-8-2DSC_0583-4

Painted the walls, doors, closets, & window seats --- made new cushions for the window seat --- installed new hardware --- hung new curtains --- added bead board to the desk
this is about all I can tell you on this one since mid-way through this reno we realized that this is no longer an office but now Little Peep’s room.
DSC_0289-2Sneak Peak

See, doesn’t that sound like a busy year?!  Some rooms clearly got more love than others; we tried to focus on our common areas first and will tackle the others later.  I’m glad I kept a list with things crossed off because otherwise I’m certain I would have forgotten some of these projects!  Thank you hubby for all your hard work this year and always facing my crazy ideas with a warm heart!  Now it’s on to 2014, and all of the many DIY projects and fun :-)  I hope you stick around to see what projects are up our sleeves!
Happy Friday!
xoxo Darby


ari @ whatarisaid said...

Wow you guys have done a LOT since you moved in. And the house looks SO much better for it, definitely more what I imagine your tastes would be (and honestly, mine too lol). My favorite rooms are the kitchen and the dining room, but everything is gorgeous. Can't wait to see what Little Peep's room looks like when you're done!

Meg O. said...

That is INSANE how much y'all have done in just one year! I love ALL of the changes and can't wait to see the nursery! We've lived in our house for 2.5 years and we are sloooooowly doing things. Luckily we bought a new house so it's more painting/decorating issues but our problem is that we have so much to decorate because we bought a much larger house than we needed. Haha. #firstworldproblems

Lauren said...

But aren't you now kicking yourself for getting rid of that awesome mural for Little Peep? He is going to see it one day and me so bummed out :P No really, I am sure what you have planned will be beyond amazing and forever ago I told you that I would need your decorating help with our next house and you said okay... I am totally holding you to it!

Sam | Away She Went said...

You guys have done so much over teh past year! I'm SO impressed! I can't wait to see Little Peeps room!

Nadine said...

Your house is just beautiful! Every room is done just perfect and gives it a cozy homey feeling too! Love it! I cant wait to see what you are doing with little peep's room!

Jess said...

You have Great style! I love what you did with the brick mantel, and the wall paper in your dining room. Where did you get your inspiration?

Cramer Coffee and Jesus said...

wow! these kind of posts are my FAVORITE! nice job - y'all seriously did SO much work all within a year. you deserve a high five (and a steak!) lol.

Jessica K said...

Wow! All in a year! That is awesome. I bet it feels awesome to have so much done, especially now that little one is on the way. I know there are still so many things you want to do, but you have a beautiful house!! Time for the nursery!!

Emily said...

Um....IT ALL LOOKS AMAZING!!! Y'all did great!!! :)

Heidi said...

Wow y'all are busy bees! I love your living room and how cozy it looks. I really love the guest bed and bedding too. I am terrified to buy our next house, especially if it needs some TLC and DIY. I.m not good at those things, but maybe it would be fun?!

Heather said...

I love the kitchen remodel! Heck- I love it all! Will you come do mine now? I'll hold the baby once he's here and you can remodel? No?

sherri lynn said...

Darby you have done SO much with your house in just one year! You put me to shame!! :) I love the little additions of painting your front door and adding the accessories to the garage door, and I love the big changes - especially the kitchen!! You've done a fabulous job - you should be proud! Can't wait to see hte nursery :)

Anonymous said...

Y'all have done SO much to your house! I am beyond impressed! I can't even imagine doing all of that in 5 years, much less 1 year!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

You guys have done work! I love it all!

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