Friday, November 10, 2017

Honestly Hawley {June 2017}

Yeaaaaa, life clearly picked up & I’m looking through June pictures in November.  It is what it is & I’m just trying to play catch up before the end of 2017 lol I’m so glad, already, that I have these posts to look through the big moments of each month.  June was a big month for us: Ellis (FINALLY) started sleeping through the night, the kids moved into the same room, Dutch potty trained, and Dutch got his first hair cut.  Big BIG month! My kids seem to change so quickly & they already look different, so these posts are good for my mama soul.
Here are the honest, unedited, unscripted
scenes of our June life :-)
2016: June ~ July ~ August ~ September ~ October ~ November ~ December
2017: January ~ February ~ March ~ April ~ MayHonestly Hawley
DSC_0003DSC_0118DSC_0072DSC_0077DSC_0207DSC_0146DSC_0216DSC_0212DSC_0220DSC_0222DSC_0249DSC_0278DSC_0294DSC_0313DSC_0315DSC_0318DSC_0354DSC_0360DSC_0412DSC_0395DSC_0402DSC_0434DSC_0442DSC_0446DSC_0458DSC_0465DSC_0497DSC_0515DSC_0531DSC_0570DSC_0532DSC_0568DSC_0587DSC_0601DSC_0626DSC_0654DSC_0673DSC_0676DSC_0679DSC_0690DSC_0696DSC_0698DSC_0707DSC_0715DSC_0824DSC_0763DSC_0791-4DSC_0805DSC_0833DSC_0896DSC_0912DSC_0923DSC_0941DSC_0962Reading Collage
xoxo Darby

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