Friday, November 3, 2017

Halloween 2017

Right now my house is completely still & silent except for the occasional snore (which could come from a human or a dog- I'm not sure).  I'm trying to process everything that happened today (10/31/17).  We started the day with the excitement & anticipation of trick-or-treating waiting for us at the end of the day; the waiting was sooooo hard sometimes.  This was absolutely the first holiday that Dutch really grasped the concept of what was happening, what the traditions were, what the procedures were for Halloween, & could freely communicate about it with us.  It was a very surreal moment when we left the house this evening in search of treats, with two children walking and talking.  I think I blinked & we arrived here.  I would be lying if I didn't admit that I got a little choked up just thinking about this milestone for our family.  I look forward to more holidays where our kids can talk with us and truly comprehend what's happening, but I'm okay if time moves at a snail's pace.

Dutch is all things Firefighter right now.  I mean ev-er-y-thing is fireman.  So we thought that would be the perfect costume for him.  Ellis was a Dalmatian, because I'm going to milk the sibling costumes for as long as I can, besides every fireman needs his Dalmatian, right?  We ordered the costumes for our kids at the end of August, but have been hiding them.  I knew that if they had them sooner we would be wearing those costumes every day.  Dutch didn't know he was going to dress up as a fireman until about 10 minutes before we left.  When we showed him the costume he was speechless!  He was smiling the biggest open mouth smile, but no sound was coming out, which if you've met this kid is very rare.  As soon as his costume was on & we put Ellis' outfit on her, Dutch was grabbing her hand and shoving her basket at her to help her get out of the door faster.  He led her down the sidewalk and to the street.  He made sure she got a piece of candy and said thank you.  He helped her up and down the steps of each house. I don't think this mama's heart can swell any bigger.  These moments and memories are so special and I don't think I'll ever forget.  I pray that he always maintains this youthful joy and enthusiasm for sharing with others.

Halloween eve the kids made our traditional homemade pizza dough & sauce so that we could have fresh yummy pizza before treat-hunting. I could eat that pizza every day and never want anything else!  Definitely a great couple days in our house celebrating Halloween :-)

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xoxo Darby

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