Monday, March 13, 2017

Weather Unit for Preschoolers

Hawley HomeschoolSpring is such a blend of weather patterns that I’ve always thought it is a great season to teach about the weather.  You’ve got the leftover winter with the occasional cool day, showers and new flowers, and then some random hot days as you transition into the summer.  Perfect opportunity to witness a lot of weather patterns.  This spring Dutch and I have been spending a lot of time observing and talking about the weather.  Here are some tools I’ve been using to help with our conversations about the weather:Weather Activities for PreschoolersWeather Unit Collage

Every morning Dutch gets to update our weather chart with the weather and temperature (which I have to say I had waaaaay too much fun making for him).  We talk about what the weather and temperature was yesterday, what it is today and what he thinks it will be tomorrow.  We also practice with our weather flashcards and sight words.  During art time Dutch colors different weather scenes and we talk about some major letters with the different types of weather.  Of course we're also spending a lot of time in weather themed books.  These lessons have led to some really great conversations in the car with him.
What tasks are you using to teach your preschooler?
Do you have some ideas to help teach weather patterns?
xoxo Darby

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