Friday, March 24, 2017

Parenting Advise from Long Island

I am 100% embarrassed that I’m admitting that I took parenting advise from the show Long Island Medium.  I don’t normally watch the show but a rerun came on following the show I was watching.  In the episode a mother was meeting with the medium to communicate with her deceased son. 

Apparently the mother accidentally ran her son over with her car.  She was coming home for the day with her son in the car and she stopped at the end of the driveway to get the mail.  The mother didn’t realize that the son had climbed out of the car and when she got back in the car she ran him over and he passed away.  Watching her recount the story gave me chills and my heart ached for her as buckets of tears rolled down my cheeks.  I don’t know how she continues living; I would be a mess and I can’t even begin the imagine the pain she must feel on a daily basis.  I had to turn the tv off because I just couldn’t handle it, but I couldn’t turn my brain off.

Earlier that same week, I was coming back from running an errand and backed into the driveway.  I always back into the garage, but because my windows are so deeply tinted, due to the Texas heat, it’s really hard to see as I back up even in the daylight.  That particular day, Dutch had opened the door in the house that leads into the garage and ran out with the puppies to greet me.  Had I not looked up and seen him as I was backing up, I could have also run over my child, just like the mother on the show.  So when I watched this woman I wept because it could have been me. I purposely never taught Dutch how to open door knobs.  I knew he would learn eventually but I just didn’t want to have him going anywhere he wanted this young.  Well that day when I was backing up, he figured it out.  Time to baby proof the doors to the outside.

I told the Mr. about it as soon as he got home from work and I told him that we needed something up that night.  I just couldn’t go another day where I knew I could prevent tragedy and do nothing.  He did some research and there were a ton of options that were clunky, pricey, or could destroy our walls or door frame.  And then we found this:Flip Lock
This is a super discreet door lock that you just flip to lock or unlock! 
You can safely lock your doors for $1.98!!!! 
It’s easy to install and wont mess up your walls, while keeping your kiddos safe inside. 
Also this comes in many colors so that you get one to match your hinges or hardware.Door lockLocked and Unlocked
See it’s super easy!  
Please if you don’t have something on your doors, 
think about getting this affordable lock to keep your kiddos safe.
Obligatory Blogger Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post, I just really like the product.
xoxo Darby


Anndei c. said...

I have just been looking for something like this!!! My little one figure out how to climb on a chair to undo de chain lock. They figured out the childproof doorknob thingy a long time ago.... I'm purchasing this today!!! Thank you!!!

Nadine said...

Good to know about this!! Thank you!

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