Friday, May 9, 2014

Little Peep Bumpdate {36 weeks}

36 week collageDate: 4/30/14
How far along: 36 weeks
Fruit-size comparison: A honeydew
Developmental milestones: Little Peep's sole job now is to put on weight; liver, kidneys, circulation and immune systems are ready to go :-)
Maternity clothes: Yep, and I'm staying in dresses when I can.  I did purchase my first two non-maternity clothes for this summer and I'm really looking forward to wearing them.
Weight gain: I have completely forgotten to track my weight this week, but I imagine I have gained at least a pound and I'm okay with that.
Stretch Marks: Yep, and I sure am proud of those little kisses from heaven
Sleep: Is going pretty well.  I do have my 5-6 potty breaks every 1.5 hours, but I fall right back to sleep.
Best moment of the week: By far, the best moment this week was having our maternity pictures taken.  It was so much fun and seeing the magic come from behind the lens was stunning!  You MUST check out Grace Hill Photography asap!  Seriously, go check out her work and book a session for your family!  Like her on Facebook too for awesome updates :-)
Movement: Yep, this little boy sure is moving around.
Cravings: Cereal with cold bananas and strawberries sliced on top with a big glass of cold milk.
Gender: A little boy!!!
Belly button in or out: Flattie
Wedding ring: On
Anything making you queasy/sick: Nope
What I miss: Nothing this week
What I’m looking forward to: My next doctors appointment to see how Little Peep is doing.
Labor signs: I've got a lot of pressure that is often pretty painful and plenty of Braxton Hicks contractions.  I've got the lightning going on and I'm praying progress is being made.
Symptoms: I think this has probably been the first week of the pregnancy that I have been truly uncomfortable and felt very pregnant.  Yes in other weeks I have had episodes and things that weren't pleasant of course, but this week has been consistently difficult on my body; it feels physically worn and exhausted.  Because of all of the pressure, I'm walking very slow these days and trying to sit a lot on my birth ball.  On the flip side, while my body is physically drained, my level of mental concentration is over the top.  I can cognitively get so much done at one time!
Nursery: Done, and I can’t wait to add the final piece, Little Peep, to complete the room :-)  The car seat is installed and inspected and all of our gear is put together.  We're just waiting for our babe.
Emotions:  The fact that this has been the toughest week on my body physically doesn't upset me mentally or emotionally.  In fact it makes me excited because I know that I'm getting very close to meeting my dapper Little Peep. 
xoxo Darby


Meg O. said...

OMG now cereal with berries and bananas and cold milk sounds amazing. I need it now.

SusieS said...

What the heck is a birth ball? Hey, this must mean I read your blog. Wink wink.
Could be very soon! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

Jessica K said...

Birth ball = amazing! Anda huge labor helper! Get those hips stretched! And your maternity photos = GORGEOUS! Pregnancy was built for you!

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