Thursday, February 3, 2011


Thanksgiving & Christmas in our house are about tradition, so I am ok with fixing a traditional menu- as long as it's only twice a year ;-) Here are a few new recipes that I snuck-in during the holidays & some since the holidays:

Pecan Pie Muffins- I made these to send to work with Phil for his coworkers one morning. At Phil's company Christmas party one guy said, “Can we have more pecan cupcakes?” Per the usual, I always end up changing something about the recipe. For this one I used light brown sugar & butter. Beef Bourguignon- We had a few cold days in December, & this stew was such a warm yummy stew to come home to. Red Onion & Wheat Pasta- I’m sure glad that I took a picture of this one, because I totally forgot about it. If I’ve forgotten, clearly it wasn’t that entertaining or I guess, just a blah dish that I wont repeat. Salisbury Steak- Phil said this dish made him feel like he was back home in his mama’s kitchen. That’s the best compliment I could ever receive! Chicken Empanadas- I had never heard of empanadas before moving to Texas, & I’ve never even tasted one before this night. They were really yummy, & have a lot of wiggle room to add your own personal flavor. Lucy’s Chocolate Pie- I’m not sure what happened with this one; I don’t know where I went wrong. I was just dying for some chocolate, & this did not hit the spot (& it wasn’t even pretty!). The crust & the meringue were fine (which is where I usually mess-up), but the pie filling was more like pudding. Maybe I should have heated the filling longer on the stove longer? Maybe self-rising flour goes bad? I made a chocolate cobbler a few weeks before this, which also called for self-rising flour, & I had the same gooey outcome. Does flour go bad?! Chicken Parmigiana- This is one of my hubby’s favorite dinners. When he walked in after work that evening, he sniffed & said, “Yum, garlic!” We both really enjoyed this rendition.
Monster Cookies- This recipe is from the PW (my fav!), and is super yummy. But, make sure that you’re not in a rush & put too many on the cookie sheet, they will grow together when you’re not looking. The plus on that though, is that you get to cut bigger cookies :-)
Creamy Italian Chicken- This was the simplest sauce I’ve ever made for chicken & rice!
Short Bread Cookies- These are the same cookies that I made from my first semester in the cookbook club when we cooked through one of Ina Garten’s cookbooks. Last time I made fall leaves, but this time I made hearts for my valentine.
Sushi- Phil & I had another sushi date night at home last Sunday (The Pro Bowl was on, so we had a night off from football). I have to say, I love cooking sushi with Phil more than I like cooking any other dish. We have so much fun! Last time we used tuna; this time we made various maki, sashimi, & nigiri with salmon, crab, & shrimp. I think we're getting a lot better, but not good enough to open our own sushi restaurant yet. Ok now I’m officially caught up on all of my cooking escapades! Are you hungry now?
xoxo Darby


Lindsey said...

Yes flour can get bad. If you want it to last longer... keep it in the fridge.

Darby Hawley said...

I had it in the fridge AND in an airtight container. I only had it for like 4-5 months. How quickly does it go bad?

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