Monday, February 28, 2011

I built the ones on the floor

Here is a picture that I took of the bookshelves right after we renovated the office in summer 2009. There are 4 white book cases in a row. Phil built the 2 on the right in Virginia when we were in college, & I put the 2 on the left together one night when I had insomnia. I was so proud of myself & I even screwed them into the wall so nothing could ever possibly happen. And nothing did happen....until last week. Phil was sitting in his recliner & I was blogging in the dining room. Everything was at peace in the Hawley house....until I heard Phil yell, “uh oh!” From his recliner he could see 2 of our large book cases fall forward in the office with a big crash. No one was jumping, there were no pets to knock it over, there was no real reason for them to fall forward. But the 2 on the left, the only 2 screwed into the wall, fell forward. Waaa! Aside from having to reorganize the books, there were only a few things broken, some apothecary jars with sea shells & some candles. No real damage, but it certainly was humorous to see my “sturdy” bookshelves come crashing down. I guess I better leave the crafting around here to Phil.
This is after Phil picked up the now empty book cases & we cleaned up most of the books & glass. It still looks like this by the way.
xoxo Darby

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