Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Boil Buoy

This kitchen gadget was featured in my Food Network magazine this month from quirky.com, and for some reason I found it so quirky (pun intended) that I had to share it with you. By putting this buoy into your boiling water, you will know exactly when you should add your pasta and for how long (much like a tea kettle whistling so you don’t have to stare at boiling water). This may be weird to you, but I was taught to test my noodles by throwing one on the fridge….if it sticks then it’s ready. Maybe I should invest in this tool so I’m more “sanitary”………nah, who am I kidding? My way is definitely more fun!

Check out the official Boil Buoy website.
xoxo Darby


Lindsey said...

lol I was taught the same way ... it was more like through it on the backsplash.. but yup if it stuck its done. :) Ivan saw me do that the other day and was like "what are you doing?!"

Anne said...

hehe! I was taught the same way too. But the Buoy is hilariously cute.

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