Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Football Pops

I've seen cake pops on a lot of websites, but never really knew what they were until last week at small group (thank you ladies for introducing me to the delicious world of cake pops!) Once you pop, you can’t stop <-- was that slogan for Pringles? Or was it cake pops? Oh who cares? :-)

I tried to make my very own cake pops for snack at Sunday school on Superbowl Sunday.
Bake a cake...
...and crumble it up (seems like a crime, right?)
Add in 1/2 a can of frosting, & mix it up until it's not gooey, but still moldable.
Mold the "dough" into any shape you like (I tried mini footballs for the Superbowl), then put in the fridge and go fold some laundry....oh sorry, I meant come fold MY laundry!
Make the chocolate
Dip the pops into the chocolate, stick it into the hardened dough, & put them back into the fridge (this step uses the chocolate as glue so the dough doesn't fall off the pop)
Once the chocolate on the pops has hardened, dip the entire football into chocolate. Once that dried, I used yellow icing to add laces to the footballs.
The website recommended standing the pops in styrofoam for serving. I added some black & yellow ribbon to dress mine up a bit.
Here was the finished product at church. We also made a Steelers vs. Greenbay cake just like my birthday cake. Phil stuck some of our Steelers Christmas ornaments in the cake for added effect.
I have to say: I haven’t been challenged this much in the kitchen in a long time. They weren’t that difficult so much as they were time consuming &, well, I’m a perfectionist. From what I hear, they were good, so maybe I will make them again......but not until I forget how much time they took. Here is where I got the recipe. Mine are not nearly as pretty as hers, but after all that work, I'm pretty proud of the ones I made.
xoxo Darby


Sara said...

Would these work using cookie cutters? Besides the time issue, I would be EXTREMELY frustrated not getting them shaped perfectly! Yours do look amazing though! :)
p.s. Nice table set up, too!

Darby Hawley said...

Ya know, I never thought of that (and I wish that I had), but I'm sure they would. I'll have to try that next time. Kellyn also made these last weekend, and you should see how absolutely perfect hers are. It's crazy, but her's actually look like mini footballs. waaaaaaaay better than mine!

Unknown said...

SO cute...and tasty too! You didn't mention who you'll be rooting for this year, lol!

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