Monday, October 4, 2010

Department Potluck Dinner

At the beginning of every school year our department gets together for dinner, & last week was our annual kick-off dinner. For the first time ever we decided to do a potluck dinner instead of going out to a restaurant. Personally, I thought this was a fabulous decision. You know, when you go out to eat with a large group & you’re seated at a long table you really only get to talk to the people across from you or next to you. But at a potluck dinner it’s more informal & you can really mingle. I enjoyed this a lot because I actually got to meet the first-years. I brought these Martha Stewart red velvet cupcakes with fluffy vanilla icing; UH colors, Go Cougs!
I’m not that great with frosting yet, so I was going for the whispy bed-head look. Works for grad students, right?
The ladies from my lab (Jennifer, Leigh, and me)
xoxo Darby

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