Friday, October 15, 2010

What Are We Expecting?

Ha! Did I grab your attention with that title?! It’s all that psychological marketing background I have, but just to clarify, no we’re NOT pregnant. A lot of our friends have recently transitioned into parenthood & have monitored the transition with really cute growing belly pictures. Since we aren’t there yet, we monitor different things, like mustaches! Yes, you read that correctly. Mustaches.

This month is the 3rd Annual Octoberstache that Phil participates in. Some wives don’t like their husbands to grow facial hair, let alone a full-on mustache; however, I think it’s hilarious. I will laugh for the entire month of October. If previous years have been any indication, I don’t think we will be able to have any serious conversations this month because I won’t be able to keep a straight face. Imagine if you will, walking into a public place, let’s say a restaurant, with Phil (who is already unusually tall) and 4 to 5 of his guy friends all sporting dirty mustaches (“dirty” as in nasty-looking, not unclean)…and then there is me, super short but sans mustache...what would your facial expression be if you were the hostess at said restaurant? Needless to say, we will get some looks for sure!

I have taken a picture of the growing ‘stache every Friday this month. Here is the monitored progress:
After the first week in October. After the second week in October. You can be expecting some awesome ‘stache pictures as we near the end of this month! hehe
xoxo Darby

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