Monday, October 4, 2010

Salsa & Fries

This past week I tried some new recipes from Southern Living (SL) & The Food You Crave (TFYC). Monday I made Steak Tacos with Cucumber-Avacado Salsa (TFYC) for dinner. Already liking tacos, I think what made these awesome was the salsa. I LOVED the salsa; it was so refreshing! The cucumber and avacado blended so well together. Phil didn’t care for it, but I sure did; it’s pretty much all I remember about dinner Monday night! For the meat though, I would omit the cinnamon; it was just too weird for me I think. Also, the recipe suggests 3 cups of cabbage & I don’t think you need nearly this much. On Tuesday I made Spicy Buffalo Wings with homemade Spicy Buffalo Sauce & homemade Cool Ranch (SL) with Garlic Fries (TFYC). I didn’t try the wings because I don’t like wings. I like chicken & I like buffalo sauce, but I do NOT like wings. They are too messy. I do not like having sauce all over my face, dripping down my shirt, on my finger nails…..nah I’ll just pass on wings. This celebratory dinner was for Phil for after he finished his test on Tuesday night (Sidebar- he scored a 107!!!!!! So proud of him!). I think that Phil really liked the wings & I loved making them for him. I made the Garlic Fries from the cookbook club & they were pretty tasty! I ended up dipping my fries into the Cool Ranch sauce --> one bad & one good cancel each other out, right?
My favorites from this week were salsa & fries… healthy! Hehe just kidding!
xoxo Darby

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