Monday, September 27, 2010

The countdown is on!

Last week I mentioned how I was soooo ready for the fall. Well that’s not all! Phil & I were talking about how much we love the fall, not only because we can finally go outside without dying from a heat stroke for the first time since April, but also because fall is a countdown for us. It means that we’re on the homestretch to see family again!!! We have not seen our families since last Christmas & it is incredibly difficult to go that long without seeing our families or even just getting a hug from our parents. Yes, emails, phone calls, texts, blogs, & Facebook help, but it just isn’t the same. For our countdown, my dad will visit Houston for a weekend in October, my sister will visit in November (conveniently work is sending her to Houston! What an awesome blessing for us!), and then December we’re going HOME!!!! It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about going home. So yes, fall is awesome, but it is really just a stepping stone to get us closer home.

Let me see, what happened this week? Last Thursday, I had the absolute pleasure & honor to meet baby Callum. Amy & Wyatt, you have a beautiful son! Thank you so much for letting me come visit with you!

Back in August Phil & I took a painting class, & because we had such a great time, I signed up for another class. Last Thursday evening I painted Sweet Cherry Blossoms. This time I took some hints from Phil & wasn’t so structured. Many of you know how very in-the-box with no room for abstract thinking I am. I was so glad to take his advice, & for the first time ever I really liked my final product….maybe I will start thinking out-of-the box more often?!
Me with my blank canvas.
This is what I was supposed to be painting (but I didn't like the green accents).
I was working hard here.
All of the finished paintings in my class.
This is a close-up of my Sweet Cherry Blossoms.
We hung my painting in the office.
Ok that’s it for us. Hope everyone is having a great first full week of fall! Love, the Hawleys
xoxo Darby

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