Thursday, September 16, 2010


We recently watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and every time The Turtles said num-nums while they were eating “delicious cheese pizza” it made me laugh. I didn’t remember that part from watching the movie as a kid, but I’m sure I giggled about it then too.

In my last post, I forgot to add my new recent recipes. We signed up to help bring snacks to Sunday school for Labor Day weekend. Phil picked out these two recipes for us to bring: hash brown casserole and a patriotic fruit truffle (thank you Food Network!). A sweet and a savory—good choices Phil!

I didn’t try more than a bite of either, but from what Phil tells me they were tasty. I think I liked the casserole best because the crust was made from hash browns, and I love anything with potatoes.....well, except for potato chips. We decided that the next time I make this, I should add some jalapenos to give it some more personality.
Sunny, from the FN, made this truffle at a party in honor of war veterans hosted by VP Joe Biden at his house. I saw this in my FN magazine (courtesy of the wonderful Katie; a million times thank you! xoxo) and thought it would be a perfect way to start our Sunday School class’ Military Appreciation Week. Basically I layered sponge cake, strawberries, blue berries, and cream. NUM-NUMS!
xoxo Darby

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