Monday, September 13, 2010

Hawley Happenings

Yesterday was the regular season kick-off game for the Steelers. We played the Falcons with our 3rd string QB, and I can’t lie, every time Dixon had the ball in his hands I had a minor heart attack. We did win in overtime, but I’m hoping that in the next few games while our 1st-string QB is out, that we make a few more touchdowns. Only gaining points via kicks is not ideal in my opinion.

In other news, my sister, Kellyn, is an Admissions Counselor for our (Kellyn, Phil, & I) alma mater, Randolph-Macon College. She is beyond perfect for this position. Saturday started her first travel season since she has been in the position. Kellyn will be traveling to high schools for the next 2 months along the east coast to recruit students for RMC. She started an awesome blog so that we could follow her trip, and of course I love it: Go Yellow Jackets! Please pray for her safety while she is away, growth as she learns more about herself, her attitude and spirit since she will be alone for a long time, and that she may show the light of Jesus to high school students she comes in contact with who may not know the Lord.

A lot of you ask me, how I get myself to the gym so early in the morning. But the truth is: I truly dislike everything about going to the gym. I don’t like getting out of my bed to go to the gym, I don’t like working out, I don’t like being hot, and not to mention, I think healthy food tastes like mortar board. Really this list could go on forever, but I will spare you the negativity that is my opinion on exercise. See, I desire to be healthy, but I just don’t like to have to put forth effort to have it; which admittedly is not a good mindset. Needless to say, since I don't have a magic weight-be-gone wand, I have gotten really creative on my list of excuses to avoid the gym. So you may ask, if I dislike the gym so much, how am I on the elliptical before 5 every morning? The grace of God…..and Joyce Meyer. I have recently discovered Joyce Meyer; her show in the morning is so full of wisdom and Christian encouragement. I just love her tell-it-like-it-is attitude. When my alarm clock goes off, I no longer hit the off button with an attitude, instead I think, “alright Darby, time to go listen the Joyce & give my praises to the Lord!” So I get to the gym in a better mood, I'm distracted from my glistening (p.s. southern women don’t sweat, they glisten), and I get to worship the Lord. I have even found myself getting to the gym earlier and staying late now. But I have to be careful with that; the shows that come on before and after Joyce are real tear-jerkers. It’s dangerous and my lack of balance is beyond embarrassing (especially for someone who danced for 20 years) when I cry and slip on the elliptical. Hehehehe Oh to be a fly on the wall! Oh well, I guess it gets me to the gym, and in a better mood, right? Alright, that's all for now, have a great week!
xoxo Darby

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