Friday, June 1, 2018

Days, Seasons, & Songs {FREE Download}

Last week I shared what a typical unit looks like in our home.  Our unit was on the letter 's' & a couple of the topics that we used to reinforce that was the four seasons and the seven days of the week.  Today I want to share those cards with you for FREE & tell you how we used them in our home classroom.Day of the Week and the Four Seasons Flashcards- Life with the HawleysHawley Homeschool
Before our unit began, I made, printed, & laminated these cards (get them here for FREE!). In this set you get both the days of the week as well as the four seasons.  I printed mine in color onto cardstock.  Since the cards were laminated, we easily used dry erase markers to practice our handwriting. DSC_0155
I find that songs are really helpful at learning something, but also remembering the order something goes in.  So to practice both of these concepts we learned these two songs:
Once my kids were able to recognize what each card said, or what each day or season started with, we used these as actual sight word flashcards. DSC_0153DSC_0161
After we learned the seasons, we discussed which months go in each season.  I already had those flashcards made from when we learned the letter 'm' so I pulled those out and we were able to sort the months into the seasons. The months of the year flashcards are also FREE for you here. DSC_0160These songs are songs that my kids are always singing, and it has made learning handwriting, sight words, and concepts so easy, fun, and engaging.  Go download these cards (for FREE here!) and let me know what your preschooler thinks :-)
xoxo Darby

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