Monday, June 4, 2018

Five Senses with Levels {FREE Download}

I'm embarrassed.  I mentioned this a few weeks ago, but honestly I made these last spring; like an entire year ago.  I'm just now getting around to posting these.  Oooooopsies!!! I actually have an entire Human Body unit with tons of free downloads that I made last year that I need to share here.  I'm going to try & start compiling that for you soon  (I hope!)  We used these cards last year for our Human Body unit, but I pulled them out again as a science element (and review) when we learned the letter 's'.  These Five Senses cards are super fun, and FREE for you :-)Five Senses Clip Cards- Life with the HawleysHawley Homeschool
First, download & print the cards from here.  I laminated mine to keep them as long as possible but that really is completely optional.  We look at each card and identify what senses we would use to perceive the item on the card.  Then, using a small clip (I like these), my kids have to put the clip over the correct sense.  DSC_0530
Now if you notice, some of these cards have various answers, which is exactly how we perceive things in real life.  When our senses are coded in the brain they do so through numerous avenues, so I designed these cards to mirror that.  Sorry, but you just can't take the neuroscientist out of me ;-)  So with a trash truck, you would put a clip over the eye because you can see it, but you could also put one on the ear because you can also hear it.  To start off with I would just do one at a time, but as the child progresses you can introduce the idea that multiple senses are used simultaneously.DSC_0961
We really like this activity because we can talk about our sense for units on health, the letter 's', and this can grow with a child's cognitive development.  Check these out and tell me what your preschooler thinks :-)

What tasks do you use with YOUR preschooler to learn their senses?
xoxo Darby

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