Friday, August 11, 2017

Monat for the Skeptic

I will be the FIRST to admit that whenever something new rolls around I am the absolute biggest skeptic.  Blame it on the neuroscientist part of my life ;-)  However, being the biggest skeptic made me the perfect gal for the job!  Sit back, let me tell you my hair story!Monat for the Skeptic- Life with the Hawleys
You see Monat is an all natural hair system that refuses all toxic ingredients.  For several years now I have only used 100% all natural shampoo & conditioner.  I don’t color my hair.  I don’t use hair products. I don’t use heat on my hair.  So if I were to try Monat I would be the perfect control, because if there were changes in hair that is already pretty healthy, imagine how much more change is possible with damaged hair???? See where I’m going with this? I was the perfect head of hair to try this..... I keep saying “perfect”.... let me just say it. I know I’m not perfect, but let me pretend for a few more minutes ;-)

Before starting Monat I had lots of fly-aways around my face from all of my post-partum hair loss, but that was my biggest hair flaw that I was hopeful would be corrected.  I have been using Monat exclusively since April 30th 2017 and let me tell you what I’ve learned:

Just looking at the product I LOVE the design of the bottle.  Monat has created such an effortless twist top to open their shampoo & conditioner.  I know this might sound minor, but it is so helpful in the shower.  When you open the products they smell so good! It’s a relaxing subtle scent that wont suffocate you.  Some shampoos smell way too strong.  After washing you get a really nice squeaky feeling.  I don’t know about you, but if you use natural hair products you will often feel like you can never tell if you got out all of your shampoo or conditioner; that drives me bonkers!  I look forward to clean hair and I want it to squeak when it’s done, & Monat gets my hair squeaky clean.DSC_0868
There is a “detox period” when you first start with the product line.  For me I saw some hair loss at the beginning, which worried me a little bit, but it tapered off.  I also noticed that my hair began to get a lot of tangles and frizzy.  Not going to lie, I was initially starting to rethink this product.  The skeptic part of me was in full force.  I think I was driving my husband insane asking him everyday if he noticed anything different with my hair.  I was reassured that this was a typical result and it would be fine.  Sure enough the detox phase ended and all of those “side effects” went away.  For me, it took about a month and a half for my hair to adjust, so if you have really battered hair it may or may not take the same length of time. 

Monat has a lot of options as to what kind of issue you would like to work on with your hair (i.e. hair growth, volume, etc.).  I started with the Renew Shampoo & Restore Leave-In Conditioner, and later switched to the Intense Repair Shampoo & Conditioner.  I think because my hair is just so long it tangles easily and I can’t go without conditioner.DSC_0862DSC_0866DSC_0879

You might see this as a con at first, but only because it is a little confusing.  This shampoo doesn’t get sudsy.  Because of the absence of toxic chemicals you wont get the bubbles you typically expect with shampoo.  Once you just get over that expectation it’s totally fine.  In addition, and this is GOOD folks, this shampoo doesn’t require much.  About a quarter-sized dollop is sufficient for an entire head of hair (even my really long hair).  In almost 4 months I have only used 2 bottles of shampoo.

These hair products do cost a little more than your average hair product, but they also last a lot longer.  I also only have to wash my hair every two days, so that also helps the product last longer.

There is an intense replenishing masque, which is basically a super intense conditioner.  If you watch any You Tube videos about it, people RAVE about this product.  I like it & used it probably once every 2 weeks (a single tub lasted me 4 months).  From all the videos I watched, I feel like this was the product to make my hair “feel like butter”.  While it’s good & effective, it’s not my favorite.....I like the Blow Out Cream bestDSC_0877DSC_0874

I have never liked a hair product more than I like this one.  It smells so heavenly, but makes my hair softer and lighter than it has ever been.  I no longer have any flyaways and my hair doesn't even frizz (even when it is over 108 degrees + humidity in Houston!).  I have noticed that if I let my hair air dry it isn’t as soft as it is when I dry my hair and use this product.  Oh AND get this, my hair dries faster now!!! This is a big deal, especially for people with long hair in the summer.DSC_0880

My hair is so silky now and I like to run my fingers through it lol I don’t care how weird that sounds.  My hair just feels so rich, full, and healthy.  Look how much my hair changed in just a couple months (and also I apparently have a thing for cream shirts)IMG_20170702_135043_854
If you are at all interested in this product, I fully endorse it & encourage you to try it.  Click here to learn more and get connected with an epic representative.  I have quickly switch from skeptic to fanatic :-)DSC_0883
Obligatory Blogger Disclaimer: While I was compensated with products to sample, all comments & opinions are 100% mine.
xoxo Darby


Nadine said...

No joke, one of my favorite YouTube people (well really the only one I watch) just started selling this stuff and I wondered about it. Usually she doesn't steer me wrong. I am so happy to hear how much you love it too. I have to try this! No frizz???? No fly-aways???? I am in the midst of PP disaster hair and my hair is super thin anyways. I need to try this ASAP!!! Which should I start with? Renew?

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