Friday, January 15, 2016

Teeny Peep Bumpdate- Week 37

37 Weeks
Date: 1/2/16
How far along: 37 weeks

Fruit-size comparison: A winter melon (whatever that is, I know it’s large just by looking at the size of my stomach)
Developmental milestones: Major brain and lung development in the next couple of weeks.  This is major and I want her to get all that she can while she’s in the womb.  Teeny Peep is practicing her inhaling, exhaling, blinking, gripping, & sucking.
Maternity clothes:  I’m starting to outgrow my maternity jeans….or starting to fit I should really say since I bought them on the larger size.
Weight gain: +21 lbs
Stretch Marks: I've got plenty of kisses from heaven from carrying Dutch.  I applied lotions and such daily with that pregnancy, but to be honest I don't think I'm even going to try to prevent future stretch  marks.  I absolutely love these badges of honor and I'm so proud to wear them.
Sleep: I love it and I’m trying to get as much as I can because I know that it will be about a year before I get good sleep again.
Best moment of the week: Woah! I have been a crazy nesting mama this week.  I’ve been going through the lists that I wrote when I was pregnant with Dutch and from right after I had him to make sure I have everything I will need for a newborn and for a postpartum mama.  I don’t know if those lists have helped anyone else, but they are certainly helping me now!  (If you’re new around here, check out the Little Peep tab at the top for a bunch of prep lists).  I’ve taken several trips to Babies ‘R Us and ordered so many things from Etsy and Amazon.  I’d say that I’m on my way to feeling ready to bring this precious one home!
Movement: I can tell that she is running out of room and her movements are very squished and muted.  She’s still active, just lacks room.
Cravings: Nothing that I can think of here.  I do just like to eat in general.
Gender: Baby girl!!
Belly button: I love my new outtie :-) 
Wedding Ring: On
Anything making you queasy/sick: Nope thank goodness!
What I miss: Sushi 
What I’m looking forward to: I’m almost done with my to do lists.  I will be really excited to say that “I’m ready” (ya know, as ready as you can be to have a new baby lol) for her arrival.  I have 3 more packages I’m waiting for to arrive and then I will do my last load of baby prep laundry and we’re ready to bring this little girl home :-)
Labor signs: Woah contractions are officially here!  They are not too uncomfortable and certainly not predictable but they are definitely noticeable.  I’m still walking and talking through them, so I’m just praying they’re doing what they are supposed to be doing.  With Dutch I was in early labor for 3 weeks before his arrival, I’m hoping that early labor doesn’t last as long with Teeny Peep.
Symptoms: I really cannot complain: I am so BLESSED to have had another easy pregnancy.  I only have a few weeks left so my minor symptoms would be fatigue, hunger pains, jumbo swelling face….you know the drill with the last couple of weeks lol
Nursery: There isn't going to be a new nursery.  We plan on having Dutch and Teeny Peep share a room.  It's not that we don't have the space; we do have another bedroom, but we would like our kiddos to share a room when they are younger.  We're thinking this will be a great opportunity to continue building character with our children.  And to be honest, Dutch didn't move into his nursery until he was eight months old, and even then only for a few hours a day until he was 11 months old, so the new baby will probably stay in our room about the same amount of time and then we will do a transition of some sort.  Of course we don't know what it is like to have two children and exactly what it will be like, but this is how we think we are going to try to start.
Emotions: I’m in a really weird place right now between extreme exhaustion and insane nesting and list tackling.  I’m so motivated and productive that I’m getting so many things crossed off all of my lists, which is awesome and is starting to make me feel so ready for her arrival.  But then, on the other side of this coin, I’m totally mentally and physically exhausted.  I know that with her arrival I’m only going to be more tired so I need to make sure that I’m resting as much as I can.
xoxo Darby

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