Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I'm Embarrased to Blog This: Laundry Buddies

I wanted to make this a "What I'm Lovin' Wednesday" post, but I'm too embarrassed.
I'm also in denial.
I've been thinking of blogging about this for several months now but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.  Why would anyone WANT to write about this?! 
But seriously, if I’m being authentic with you, I do this so many times a week around our house with such pride, I just have to share it with you, even if this screams MOOOOOOOOOOOM
Y’all, I have laundry secrets!
I'm going to share them with you!
If you're a mom, especially to boys, you NEED these two products.
Boys are sooooooooo dirty. Boys (and their daddies hehe) eat messy and they play hard.  Since I am trying to preserve our kid clothes for as long as possible, I do everything in my power to keep them free of stains.
So here enters the two most used products in my home per week:

Shout Advanced ~ Oxiclean
You don’t need to get your eyes checked. 
You’re seeing that correctly.
I abuse these laundry buddies of mine more than I can admit.  At the end of everyday, I take all of Dutch’s clothes with stains (which is almost every article of clothing), and spray it with Shout Advanced.  I rub the spray into the fabric, and let it sit on the washer over night.  The next day, or at least every other day, I will throw the clothes into the wash with a fourth of a scoop of the Oxiclean Stain Remover and my regular laundry detergent.  When the wash is over I assess the clothes.  If the stain is still present, which rarely happens but does on occasion, then I repeat everything so far.  If the stain is gone then I will put it through the dryer.  If a stain goes through the dryer, it is VERY tough to get out, and sometimes it is there for good. 
I have been using this laundry system, for our clothes (NOT our cloth diapers) for about 8 months now and I have removed every single stain, including crude oil! I’m so amazed by my efficient laundry buddies and get so excited when I kick some stain’s booty.  There have been several occasions when the Mr. has called on his way home telling me that he has a surprise for me, and when he gets home it’s a laundry project.  YES! I’m actually excited about it (see this is the embarrassing part!), but I thrive on the challenge that is really so easy for me with these two products.
You bet!
So if you’re a new mama, get these two.  You can thank my weird obsession with clean clothes later ;-)
And just for the record, this is NOT a sponsored post but it totally should be.  Shout or Oxiclean, if you want to pay me I’m down with it!
xoxo Darby

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