Friday, October 9, 2015

Teeny Peep Bumpdate- Week 24

24 Weeks
Date: 10/3/15
How far along: 24 weeks

Fruit-size comparison: Cantaloupe
Developmental milestones: Well apparently my uterus is the size of a soccer ball! haha  Teeny Peep is about as long as an ear of corn, and she is weighing more than a pound now.  The branches of her lungs are busy growing this week so that she will be able to breath better outside of the womb. Her skin is less transparent and becoming more and more pink. 
Maternity clothes: Since the weather is finally starting to calm down, and I’m not sweating while I sit in the air conditioning, I’m starting to go through my fall clothes and layer items.  Most of my pre-pregnancy clothes that I wore last fall I’m still able to fit into (mostly because they aren’t form-fitting).  I love fall fashion and so far my wardrobe is fine in this area. 
Weight gain: I am up 6 lbs now.  I am officially at my prepregnancy weight for Dutch, and at this point with Dutch I had gained 13 lbs.
Stretch Marks: I've got plenty of kisses from heaven from carrying Dutch.  I applied lotions and such daily with that pregnancy, but to be honest I don't think I'm even going to try to prevent future stretch  marks.  I absolutely love these badges of honor and I'm so proud to wear them.
Sleep: I love it and I want it all the time :-)  At night time I’m still getting up a few times to use the restroom, but I can easily fall back to sleep.  One morning this week, my body just woke me up and I was ready to go at 4:30 am.  It was weird but I got some things done around the house.
Best moment of the week: We were supposed to have a super busy weekend, but everything ended up being canceled.  I feel like we won time together.  We got to do our chores at a leisurely pace and go to the park.  It was just a very relaxing weekend. 
Movement: I am in love with her ballet movements.  I’m already getting sad that I wont feel them in a few months, so I’m cherishing every kick.  The majority of her kicks are still really low and on my left side (about belly button level).
Cravings: Sugar & spice and everything nice ;-)
Gender: Teeny Peep is a girl!  I made her a few hair bows this week and added a rack to the nursery to hang her hairbows on.  I think this is really the only addition I want to add to the nursery.
Belly button: It’s starting to poke out at the top.  I am so hopeful that it will completely invert.  I know that is so weird, but I think belly buttons that poke out with pregnancy are so gorgeous!
Wedding ring: Still on and a little loose
Anything making you queasy/sick: Nope :-)
What I miss: Chasing Dutch without losing my breath so fast lol
What I’m looking forward to: I’m trying my best not to wish time away and practicing the art of just living in the moment.  This season of the –ember months has plenty of fun things to do as a family that I’m looking forward to; all of the festivities are so much fun with Dutch.  We love experiencing things with Dutch; it makes it feel like the first time for us as well.
Labor signs: Nooooo! Thank goodness!
Symptoms: I can tell that my chest is changing a lot: things are bigger and I can tell that my body is getting ready for another nursling.  I am very sensitive, and I’m having trouble doing a lot of my prenatal yoga with my yoga ball.  I’m praying that this is a sign that I will have another great experience nursing another baby.
Nursery: There isn't going to be a new nursery.  We plan on having Dutch and Teeny Peep share a room.  It's not that we don't have the space; we do have another bedroom, but we would like our kiddos to share a room when they are younger.  We're thinking this will be a great opportunity to continue building character with our children.  And to be honest, Dutch didn't move into his nursery until he was eight months old, and even then only for a few hours a day until he was 11 months old, so the new baby will probably stay in our room about the same amount of time and then we will do a transition of some sort.  Of course we don't know what it is like to have two children and exactly what it will be like, but this is how we think we are going to try to start.
Emotions: Pure joy :-) I’m so happy with just living in the right now.  I am starting to get bits and pieces of anxiety trickling into my brain about how little time we have left before her arrival.  I know that I have not even started tackling my to do list and between now and her arrival there are so many things going on with the holidays, so that does make me a little anxious as to what will actually get done.  I’m trying to start tackling that list a little each week so that I don’t begin to freak out.
xoxo Darby

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