Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Infertility Awareness Month

It seems like every day is a national something…
National Coffee Day, National Hotdog Day, National Girls Night Out Day...
and the list goes on & on… really there is something for 365 days a year.  In addition to that, every month has a thing to be honored or lifted up.  October is a month for families & research, no doubt, with it being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but it is also Infertility Awareness MonthInfertility Awareness Month- OctoberThis is a community that is so near and dear to my heart.  For years we struggled to grow our family and even had a baby that went home to be with Jesus far too soon.  For years we searched and prayed deeply to bring a baby home, and fertility is not something that we take for granted at all.  Following our years of fertility treatments and eventual conception of Dutch, we have had the privilege and honor of praying for and crying with friends near and far as they waited for their turn to grow their family in whatever form that happened.  Looking back now, it was such a blessing to have struggled and lost because now we have the opportunity to be authentic with those still struggling.  Of course we would have chosen a different path for ourselves, but we have found a new mission field for the fertility-challenged community.  We truly love praying for and walking with those still in the storm.  So this month we want to help bring awareness and support to those who are still in the storm of building their families.  Even though your heart may be breaking, the Lord has a plan for you and there will be a rainbow at the end of the storm.  While you wait, you are not alone!  Please let us pray for you and your family!  There is a link to the right that you can click to submit a prayer (anonymous if you chose).  It’s FREE and something that we actually do; we actually pray over every single prayer request.  We have connected and become friends with so many couples who have struggled with infertility. It has been mind-blowing to see all of the babies that have been born since we starting working with this special community (and just for clarification, babies arrived NOT because we prayed and there is something extra special about the way we pray, but through God and the power of prayer and intercession).  We love love LOVE waiting with couples and eventually seeing new mamas and daddies holding their babies for the first time.  So please allow us the opportunity to connect with you and pray for you.Female Infertility In the USA
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If you are struggling with infertility, loss, or grief, I hope you know that I pray for you on a daily basis that God would fulfill the desires of your heart and fill you with peace and joy while you wait.  You are a very special population that I am proud to be a member of to love on and pray for.
xoxo Darby


Jessica said...

Infertility is so painful and can feel so shameful. I am so grateful for somebody like you who is brave enough to be open and honest, so others have a place to go to talk about it. Obviously I wish that nobody would ever have to go through that struggle, but I am just so thankful for you and the counsel you gave me when we were trying for our second. I know God used you to help bring our little boy into existence! Thank you so much for being there for us and so many other couples!

Jessica K said...

Thank you for sharing your story! It's not easy, but it definitely made it easier for me to share mine!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through an Instagram homeschool post and somehow ended up here on this old post. Thanks for sharing your story and prayers for those going through a similar struggle. I am currently homeschooling our 5.5 year old daughter, who desperately wants a sibling. We've tried for over three years for another, with all the tests coming back normal. Prayers and blessings for your family as you homeschool.

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