Monday, July 18, 2011

Picture Perfect Picnic: Sweet Tooth

For the past couple weeks I have been talking about picnics.  So far, we have shopped for picnic baskets, and cooked our lunch.  Now we need to finish lunch with a sweet treat :-)

It’s no secret that I have a sweet tooth.  I can’t resist sugar.  In fact, I don’t even want to.  To be honest, I go to the gym just so I can have my sweet guilty pleasure.  So let’s look at some yummy and easy treats to take with you on your picnic. 

I think rice krispy treats are so fun and perfect for a picnic.  Here are some awesome twists on the traditional rice krispy.

Cookies and Cream Rice Krispy Treats56820973_yHCzMCxQ_c

Rice Krispies on a stick, dipped in delicious chocolate.56822428_EPa6kPRm_c

Rice Kripies on a popsicle stick, dipped in chocolate and covered in colorful sprinkles.56822267_HNFdtSz5_c

Trix Krispy Treats59455084_v4ktCPP8_c

Aren’t these Nutter Butter cookies so summery? Easy and cute for a summer picnic.52545814_XF1LMD8W_c

I love mason jars, as we all know, and I think they are the perfect accessory for a picnic.  Last week we put side dishes in them.  This week we can use mason jars for our sweet treats.

Vanilla or chocolate cupcakes in a mason jar59471468_0cT46oSE_c59471583_afffj4l1_c

Orange creamsicle cupcakes in a jar61127796_WpLZbw5z_c

Red velvet cupcakes in a jar47474252_jwA4KQ1r_c

Cheesecake in a jar47476779_3kOGguFj_c

Blueberry star pie in a mason jar47476515_FsLWE4qa_c

Apple pie in a mason jar59470196_U6AON4QQ_c

Ok I guess that is enough sugar viewing for one day, right?  Do you have a couple sweet treat ideas now to help you with your picnic? If you find some other ideas, please pass them my way.  I never turn down dessert :-)

xoxo Darby


sherri lynn said...

These all look SO good! I love Rice Krispy treats! They are so fun and make me feel like a kid again :) I have always wanted to put cupcakes in a mason jar - I think anything in a mason jar looks so cute! And definitely picnic-worthy :)

Joy said...

OH MY WORD, I'm drooling over here wanting one of those cupcakes in the mason jar. Please send one to me asap!! =)

Jen said...

I love the cupcakes in Mason jars! I've been meaning to try them out!

Jamie said...

My stomach just groaned in surrender. I. Need. Sugar. Now. They all look amazing!

Brittney said...

oh my goodness that all looks so good!!!

Danie said...

I'll take one of everything lol!

Sarah said...

The cupcakes in the jars are TOO cute! I definitely need to remember that for my next party!

thepaisleytab said...

I have always wanted to try those cupcakes in a jar recipes. :) One of these days I'll get around to it. Cute blog!! :)

Siamapieceofcake said...

I love all these great ideas! I am a new follower from the friday hop. hope you would stop by and follow back.

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