Sunday, July 17, 2011

Something Bit Me- WAAAAAA!

A couple days ago I was out with Tomlin on a walk and my ankle started itching.  I noticed a little white bump, but didn’t think much about it.

The itching got more intense.

My ankle started to swell.

The bottom of my foot started to swell.

I could no longer see my ankle from the swelling.

I walked with a limp.

I wanted to scratch my foot until it fell off my leg.

Here is my right “normal” foot.DSC05585

Here is my fat cankle left foot.DSC05589

Can you tell? On my right foot I can actually see veins.  I can’t even find my left ankle and I can totally forget about looking for veins.  Instead, I should be looking for stretch marks!  Look at the size difference!!!!!  Look at those fat piggies!!!!!! GROSS!!! WAAAAAA!DSC05592The scene of the attack. Yes, that little teeny red dot on my ankle turned my foot into a blimp!  WAAAAAAA!DSC05594

This is my third bite this month.  It’s getting old and I can’t fit both feet into my heels. WAAAAAAAA!

Can you tell there’s a lot of self-pity going on here?!  Hubs packed on the ice packs to reduce the swelling, but no more walking in the grass for me!

xoxo Darby


Jamie said...

Oh dear. That really stinks! Take some Benadryl and it will help a TON!

Joy said...

What bit you??? That's awful! Hope the swelling goes down soon!

Katy said...

Oh my! I would have gone to the er, but im drama lol!
Did you take some benedryl did it help? When I was 6 I got stung by a bee and this happened, and it didnt go down for like more than a day.
Hope you are ok!

Ashley Smith said...

what caused it and yes i would have gone to the doctor.. it could or prob is an allergic reaxtion.. hope its better

Morgan said...

wow, that looks bad! looks like you will have to start wearing tennis shoes instead of flip flops/sandals when you walk Tomlin!

Haylee said...

oh Darby just wait until you have babies. It's a lot worse!!:)
but I bet that wasn't fun and I think I would have been a bit concerned it was a poisonous (sp?) spider.

JoeTaz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JoeTaz said...

Looks like a fire aunt bite. Yes benadryl should work for the itch, you may need too see your Doctor to get some antibiotics also for the swelling.

That's what I get from my Doctor for bites and the combination works great for me.

I also joined your site via GFC pls follow me back at: Hope all works out with your foot.:)

Danie said...

Oh that stinks! Make hubby pamper you ;)! Hope it feels better soon!

DaisyGirl said...

That's NO fun!!!!! Was it fire ants? I got bit by quite a few one time on one foot. It was awful!!! I hate to say it, but my foot drained for days. Gross!!! I know!!!! I hope, by now, you're doing lots better!!!

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