Monday, July 4, 2011

Picture Perfect Picnic: The Basket

Summer is the perfect season for cookouts, fun gatherings outside, and *picnics*.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve always considered July to be the perfect month for a picnic.  Now this doesn’t mean that I consider it to be the only month for a picnic of course, but it’s a pretty darn good one if you ask me.  Obviously, you kick-off the month with the 4th of July, and if that isn’t the best day for a picnic, I don’t know what is. 



This July series, I’m going to share with you some tips and products to give you a Picture Perfect Picnic.  In all honesty, most of these ideas you could also use for family gatherings and cookouts as well.  Feel free to tailor them to your events this summer, but make sure to share your own tips too!

For starters how are you going to lug around 10lbs of potato salad in style?!  Some couples get picnic baskets when they get married; I was not one of those couples.  So let’s go window shopping together and see what picnic baskets are available.

This Wicker Picnic Basket has it all.  This is for you serious picnic-people out there.  You will not get to your picnic location and not have something.  There is a place for everything here.  However, if you have to carry all of this, you might want to either install wheels or start lifting weights.  Also, you’ll need to take out a loan for this baby ;-)


This basket is listed as a Garden Tool Basket, but I think it would be great for a picnic as well because it is ON SALE has compartments in the basket.  I really don’t like my sandwiches crushed so this would be a great way to travel without things rolling around squishing your lunch.img95m

The Avalanche cooler would be a great idea if you’re going to have your hands full with little ones, or if you are the one chosen to bring the 10lbs of potato salad.10095316316407P

As we all know, I have an obsession with monogram.  I hope you didn’t think I would put that aside on my picnic basket hunt.  Not only does this picnic basket have the option for monogram, but it’s also a bit more compact.  This would be great to just throw over your shoulder and go.


I love the red Metro Picnic Basket.  My sister has one very similar to this that she uses not only for picnics but also as a carry-all when shopping at the flea market.  This is the perfect basket to throw all your picnic yummies into.


Sometimes there are rainy days that you want to go on a picnic and have a date with your little one.  Don’t let the rain keep you away!  Have a play picnic inside!


I’m not sure what I like more: the opened or the closed version.  This St. Tropez picnic basket is gorgeous opened.  The print inside is so springy and fresh looking.  But I also love the barrel shape when it’s closed.


I call this basket, The Big Time Picnic Basket.  This basket is the perfect shape and comes with everything that you would need without pulling you over from the weight.  The lining is great for the outdoors and reminds me of camping.  This beauty also comes with salt and pepper shakers.  SALT AND PEPPER SHAKERS people!  Really do you need more than that?! No way!


The print and shape of this Willow Picnic Basket are fantastic!  There are wonderful pockets for organizing utensils with plenty of space to pack your snacks.


I love the marriage of the modern and classic styles in this Moka Dot basket.  The basket has a very traditional picnic shape with leather trim, and the geometric accents and colors add great personality to the basket.  It also has a very nice shoulder strap.


If you’re a bamboo fan, than this is the basket for you.  My favorite part of this basket though is not the bamboo, but the insulated interior instead.  A lot of picnic dishes (which we will talk about in the coming weeks) include mayo.  We all know that mayo is a bad idea if you’re going to be sitting outside for a while in the heat.  Some ice packs stuffed around your pot luck picnic dish will save you.  On the other hand, some meals are just better warm and this basket could help you with that.


This is my favorite picnic basket.  I think this basket would be perfect for a romantic picnic date with my hubby.  I love the design, the location of the handle, the place for a blanket, and the insulated cooler pack.  *This is my perfect basket* I’m thinking that I will bring this with us on our next beach weekend as a surprise for my hubby :-)


Are you inspired to go on a picnic?  I certainly hope so!  Let me know what other picnic baskets you run across and get ready for next weeks picnic party!  Happy Fourth of July, picnic style!



xoxo Darby


Ash said...

Wow, I had NO idea picnic baskets could be this cute and functional! I think you just inspired me to start going on picnics again :)

Irish Italian Blessings said...

I seriously had NO IDEA that there were this many options when it came to picnic baskets? I personally prefer one on wheels so I can hold my littles but so many options, how would I ever choose!

The Single Nester said...

I love that 4th basket - the olive canvas one. As cute as straw ones are, I really like this one.

Damaris said...

New follower from the Alexa Hop - just wanted to pass by & say hello. :)

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