Saturday, January 8, 2011

Richmond Christmas

Here are a few pictures & tidbits from the portion of our vacation spent in Virginia.

Kellyn always makes my favorite pumpkin pie for my birthday & this year was no different; it was delicious!

Since this was my first Christmas home since 2006, Kellyn & dad waited for us to arrive to get the tree. We went to our favorite tree-pick’n spot (the local Putt-Putt Mini Golf Course, of course), and trimmed our tree to perfection. Phil & I kept staring at the tree thinking that it was way better than our Houston tree.

Carrying the tree in the house

Phil putting the star on the tree- he is so handy: can carry the tree AND put the star on the tree without needing a step-stool- I think we'll keep him around ;-)Prom pose in front of the tree hehe

Kellyn & I "showing" the tree

Dad with his girls

Kellyn, mom, & I went to the nutcracker.

Christmas Eve was spent at my Granny’s house with family, (I got to check out all of the original Ruby trees).

Kellyn & I at Granny's house in the Blue Room.

Kellyn caught us smooch'n in front of the tree.

Later on Christmas Eve we went to the 11pm church service. Since we live, or I used to live rather, right across the street from church, we walked to & from the Christmas Eve service, as is tradition. As requested, I got my Christmas wish two years in a row: SNOW!

Phil in the snow on Christmas making a silly face of course

Christmas morning we started at my mom’s house & then we came back to my dad’s for gifts & dinner.

Mom opening her new Scentsy.

Looks like Kellyn was excited about this gift, LOL

Mom opening a gift....Phil reading Consumer Reports hahahahahaMy new scarf

Kellyn opening her new cake decorating kit (Yes, that is "A Christmas Story" in the background)I think Dad really liked this book; I know that I enjoyed it hehe

I got The Office board game!!!!

On the 26th, mom hosted a birthday party/welcome home party for Phil & me. Unfortunately, due to the snow not many could make it, but we enjoyed it none-the-less. Thanks Mom!

On the 27th, we tried to rest for the journey back to Houston. In the morning, I tried on my wedding dress to make sure I hadn’t gained too much weight over the holidays (I think this is a good gauge for me hehehe). Later I went to lunch with my mom & then went out to dinner with the Fleming side of the family- it’s a good thing I tried on my dress before, right? After dinner, Phil & I took a short 2 hour nap, then drove through the night back to Baltimore, returned our rental car, & got to the airport. After flying to Houston via Atlanta, Phil went straight to work while I unpacked & did massive amounts of laundry. We crashed that night since we hadn’t slept in a day. After such a long trip we were exhausted, but had an awesome time. It was a fantastic Christmas! Thank you to all who help us get all over the east coast & have such a pleasant vacation; we miss you dearly already!

xoxo Darby


Anne said...

Sounds amazing. Glad you got to come home and enjoy the holidays with your mom, dad, and sister! :)

Darby Hawley said...

Thanks Anne! It was a wonderful trip!

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