Monday, January 24, 2011

Ms. Condoleezza Rice

Did you know that I know Condoleeza Rice?

Ha! I don’t really.

Our neighbor, who we so fondly call Neighbor, asked us to watch his cat Condi (short for Condoleezza Rice) for 5 days. Neighbor watched our house while we were away for the holidays, so we owed him. Phil couldn’t watch her because he is highly allergic to cats, so it was up to me. Not having a pet in several years though, I was overly excited- embarrassingly, overly excited- to watch Ms Condi. Personally, I feel like I already know Condi. She has a perch in Neighbor’s dining room that looks right out onto our back porch, and during the day she sits there watching me do things around the house. I wave to her & she meows back at me. Condi & I got along great last week. I hope I get to watch her the next time Neighbor decides it’s too hot in Houston :-)
Condi on her perch- and you can see the doors to our back porch here, which I accidentally left open, oops!
xoxo Darby


Sara said...

Oh! Dillard would love a perch like that! Is it a really tall one or are the windows low?

Darby Hawley said...

The window isn’t low, but at the same time the perch isn’t massive or anything. You’re right though, Dillard would probably like it a lot. Under what you can see in the picture there is a small tunnel like thing. Here is a link to something that looks very similar:

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