Saturday, December 4, 2010

San Diego

In early November, I spent a week in San Diego. This was my first trip to California, and it was a great trip. I especially liked the San Diego zoo. Here are some photos from the trip:
A look at La Joya
The Gaslamp district
Listening to Glenn Close present on her new philanthropic project:
Riding in the Sky Lift; this is the view of the zoo
An otter
Some piggies- I just thing pigs are the cutest!
Everyone loves the meerkats
Giraffes- this one is for you Kellyn!
I found this camel to be quite humorous...he had a saggy hump :-)
Koalas are adorable when they curl up to sleep
This is a snake turtle- check out how long that neck is!
2 of the 11 Panda bears in the US. This is a mamma and her baby.
There were 3 different flamingo exhibits, but this one was my favorite.
If you've never been to the San Diego zoo, it really is the best zoo ever and I recommend the visit. The exhibits are large and filled with enrichment for the animals. Not to mention the zoo is gi-normous! I spent about 7 hours there and only saw about 1/2 of the exhibits. I guess this means I will have to go back again soon to finish!
xoxo Darby


Sara said...

Yay! I'm so glad you enjoyed San Diego Zoo! It is probably one of my favorite places in the US! Can't wait to hear what you think about the next half of it. The hippo exhibit is probably my favorite. Along with the primates.... Can you look to see if the gorilla named Jessica is still there? She has the same birthday as my sister.

Lindsey said...

hahaha... ya I went there as a kid when I lived in California. :) It is pretty neat.

Darby Hawley said...

Sara- Ha a gorilla named in honor of Jessica! The hippo exhibit was great too! I got a good picture of him underwater. I will have to post that as well.

Lindsey- It was really fun. If I liked it this much as an "adult," I imagine that I would have loved it as a child.

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