Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Hawley Jolly Christmas

Can you believe that it has taken me this many years to think of the "Hawley Jolly" rhyme?! haha I'm so slow!

Anyways, it’s become a tradition in the Hawley house to spend the Friday after Thanksgiving ignoring the frantic Black Friday shoppers & transforming our house into a winter wonderland; this year was no different. We got our tree & decorated the entire house on Black Friday. I just LOVE to wake up a little extra early in the mornings, when the world is still quiet & the house is still dark, to sip my coffee in front of the lighted Christmas tree. Such peace fills the season & it brings me such delight to take time each day to make sure I’m focusing on what matters most, celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior.
I love this nativity scene. There is corresponding scripture for each piece.
Here is the mantle. This was the first year that I made my own garland. I think I did pretty well for a first-timer. Clearly I was on a bird kick when I was making it though. Aren't the his and hers ice skating stockings so cute?
The coffee table.
It's hard to see, but there are snowflake crystal votives on each side of the bowl filled with red Christmas balls.
The dining room table
This little Santa helps us countdown to Christmas, but no matter how many times I put the little candy cane on the correct day, I always seem to find it in his mouth later. hmmmmmm, no wonder Santa is a little on the chunky side.
I got these snowflakes, but I can't figure out where to hang them. I'm open for suggestions. I tried to hang them in the living room, but even standing on the bar stool I couldn't reach the 15 ft ceilings. I thought about putting them outside, but they are so glittery and pretty that I'm concerned they will be ruined. So my last idea was here, but I don't like them here.....they are not symmetrical. Again, I'm taking suggestions.
Here is part of the living room.
Do you see our "fire"? "They don't have white Christmases in Houston" :-)
Everyone loves Christmas sweets, right?!
Our Tree :-)
Two other trees that I will tell you about in a later post.
Can you tell that we're ready for Christmas? We are!
xoxo Darby


Lindsey said...

I would love to know where you go that gingerbread house. I ahve been looking all over for one. However, when I google it, it just gives me like how to make a gingerbread house. :)... I also love the candycane tree skirt. Hey is that the white tree I helped you pick out??? Btw.. what is in your fire place, it doesn't look like fire.

Lindsey said...

Btw.. Ivan and i do not have a nativity yet because I haven't found one that i love. But I do love the one with the scriptures. That is REALLY neat. Where did you find that?!

Darby Hawley said...

I love that nativity too! I just got it in July, so I put this one out this year, and my others are in the boxes. Here is where I got it:
It’s sold out, but I would be on the watch, because they will most likely get more.

The gingerbread house on the left is actually a votive holder by Partylite from a few years ago. I did a quick Google search for it just now and there were some on there. The gingerbread house on the right, the smaller one, is actually a Christmas ornament that I got from Christmas Central:
I have 2 of these (the other one is on my baking tree)

The candy cane skirt is from my beloved Hobby Lobby ;-) and yes you did help with this white tree. I still have one more white tree in a box in the closet and I already know what theme it will be next year

Darby Hawley said...

Ha, it isn't fire! They're red Christmas lights! We don't need a real fire when the temp is 75 degrees! :-)

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