Tuesday, November 9, 2010


This post is so random that I can’t even think of something clever to link these tid-bits together; sorry!

I went shopping with my friend Lindsey a while ago & was looking for a yellow flower for my hair. I have a black flower, but I wanted a yellow one to wear with it for Steeler games. I kept coming up empty handed, so I went to my favorite trusty website, Etsy to order this homemade headband…..which I’m sure ANYONE could make. Nice self-portrait, right?!
Ever heard of a cactus pear? Yeah me neither! I saw this for 20 cents at Kroger & just had to try it…..this was a once in a lifetime experience though. Our advice….stay away from the cactus pears! Resist the urge to buy the cheap fruit! Last summer (2009) Phil & I built an apparatus that was approved for a HUGE 3 year grant at Texas Children’s Hospital. Last week I brought it from UH to TCH. I’m so thankful for Phil building this, & in such a way that I, a carpentry challenged person, could easily transport it & put it back together. Here I am after reconstructing it at TCH. Here are some dishes that I made by CJ (I feel like I’m cheating on the cookbook club when I cook from this book, but I just can’t help myself!) I made this chocolate cobbler & corn chowder last Sunday. I knew that my sister was arriving late that night so I wanted her to have a nice warm family meal after 2 months of being on the road. Phil thought this was the best corn chowder ever, & I don’t think I could argue with him.
While my sister was here, we made CJ’s baked macaroni-n-cheese & served it with turkey meatloaf. The meal reminded us of our granny. I’m not sure how the meal tasted; I was too distracted by the awesome quality time I was getting with my sister.
xoxo Darby


Kellyn Fleming said...

I loved the quality time too! :) and the food was of course super tasty! The Macaroni definitely reminded me of Granny's Mac-n-cheese, and I think with a little tweeking we could get it exactly like hers!

and for whoever is considering the corn chowder...Yum-O! So good!

Darby Hawley said...

I think you're right Kellyn: just a few tweeks and we will be well on our way to Granny's famous Mac-n-Cheese!

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