Sunday, November 21, 2010

Drop By's

‘Tis this season for guests to “drop by.” I absolutely LOVE having people surprising us at our home, but sometimes I get nervous that my home is not in the best condition for company; I quickly throw things in the closets & shut bedrooms doors. But, my favorite hiding place is the dishwasher. At any point in time when we have company, you will likely find things in our dishwashing that definitely look out of place. As long as I remember to check the dishwasher before starting it, I’m fine hehe. So if you’re like me, here are a few tidy ways to cope, at least temporarily, with the demands of last-minute clean-ups for expected (and unexpected) visitors.
-Play energetic music to motivate yourself & make cleaning a “work-out”
-Wear a big apron with deep pockets (or carry a bucket/laundry basket) for holding all your supplies as you move through the house. This way you won’t waste time running from room to room to get cleaning supplies.
-Look at each room the way a guest would look at it. See where your eyes are drawn to first & start there.
-Focus your cleaning on rooms that guest will actually see: living room, kitchen, guest bedrooms, dining room, & bathrooms.
-Close doors to rooms (bedroom, laundry, office) you don’t have time to clean. In the bathroom, close the shower curtain to conceal a less-than-spotless tub.
-Do all your vacuuming at once (and last) to avoid bringing dirt from a dirty floor to one you just cleaned.
-If you’re really out of time with a lot left to do, just dim the lights! Soft lights or candlelight are intimate and festive, and can redirect the focus to what really matters- time together with the people you love.
Hope these tips help make your home shine in a hurry!
xoxo Darby

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