Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kellyn Visits Houston! (x2)

Last week my sister was in Houston for work; I found this to be extremely convenient! This means that we got to see her twice this year! What a treat! We got “deluxe” pedicures, talked A LOT, & spent time together in the kitchen cooking.

Kellyn treated US to some special baked apples one night. It’s very rare to have someone else in my kitchen…..I think I could easily get used to it though. She gave me the recipe, so I will have to try these delicious apples sometime. Kellyn also gave me an early birthday present; talk about surprised! Phil & Kellyn sang for me & everything. :-) Here I am “blowing out my candles” in my Steelers gear.
Here we are, doing what we always do: G-chatting; but usually there are several states in between us.
I hope RMC sends her to Houston every year! Miss you already Kellyn; can’t wait to see you for Christmas!!!! xoxoxo
xoxo Darby


Kellyn Fleming said...

Love the new post! We will have to do a lot more cooking when you are home for the holidays! :) I tried out a new Mac and Cheese recipe that I found amongst Granny's millions of recipes and it wasn't exactly like her. I think between your recipe and my recipe we could get it down to a science, just like we remember it! We should work on that!

Darby Hawley said...

I am up for the challenge! miss you! xoxox

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