Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kemah, Texas

Over the Easter break Phil and I made our first trip to Kemah, Texas. We had heard about Kemah when we first moved to Houston, but hurricane Ike got there before we could. Now that it’s been built back up, we decided to check it out.
The Kemah lighthouse

On our way to Kemah, Phil’s mom called us and said that she just watched an episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives featuring restaurants in Kemah. She said that we just had to check out T-Bone Tom’s. We had dinner there and ordered the Armadillo Eggs that were mentioned on the show. They were huge mounds of deep-fried BBQ stuffed with jalapenos. They were SPICEY!

The boardwalk

To prove that we were actually there

We took a picture of this because we thought it was neat to see exactly how many miles away Joni and Anthony were. Miss you guys!!!Extreme Home Make-Over renovated a home for an inspirational family, the Beach family, in Kemah a couple months ago and the show aired on Sunday. If you get a chance check out their story on ABC.com, I’m certain you will be filled with hope and reminded of the importance of giving back to others.

xoxo Darby

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Morgan said...

haven't been in a while, but used to love going to Kemah. I lived about 5 minutes from there in League City my first year of pharmacy school and would go there a lot. T-Bone Tom's is yummy and it's fun to go there when they have live music! glad y'all had fun!

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