Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Twogether in Texas

So many times in society, the media, and the world around us we are bombarded with messages devaluing marriage. Divorce is frequently encouraged as the solution to issues, but instead of “fixing” problems it typically makes things more complicated. We have become desensitized to these types of situations and have come to accept the reality of our society’s view on marriage. Imagine my shock when I saw this billboard message on my way home from work yesterday: “FREE marriage classes and counseling,”. I was convinced it was some sort of scam but I was hopeful that I was wrong; as soon as I got home I rushed to the website. The state of Texas is offering free marriage classes focusing on improving communication, learning conflict resolution skills, encouraging practical tools for building a stronger marriage, and ultimately learning to love your husband/wife more fully and for life. Not only are these classes free, but the certificate for graduating the class is a coupon for $60 off a marriage license! In an effort to reach out to more people, these classes are offered in English and Spanish to those who are engaged and to those who are already married. This program is sponsored by Alliance for North Texas Healthy Effective Marriages (ANTHEM), a faith-based non-profit organization working to develop healthy, long-lasting marriages and divorce prevention. As I was reading through this website my mouth was gaping open in complete and total shock. As surprised as I was to see that this type of FREE faith-based course actually exists and that it is being advertised on such a busy highway, I am so happy to see the message behind it. Isn’t that awesome?! What a great way to be surprised in afternoon traffic!
As I was talking to Phil about this experience he showed me this couple off of MSN’s homepage. A couple married for 85 years!!!! Check out Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher’s story:
xoxo Darby

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