Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Texas Visitors

We definitely didn’t get any snow this week, but instead had 2 thunderstorms. Our “rain season” typically is synonymous with “hurricane season,” so it’s a bit early this year and I’m just not ready to bust out my galoshes. However, despite the rain during the week, it was put on hold while our special guests from Alaska were here! Phil’s sister Joni and her husband Anthony had an extended layover in Houston, while on their way home to visit with our family. We were so happy that the weather cooperated so that they could actually enjoy some time outside. We went to the park for a picnic, did some shopping, and spent lots of time talking and laughing around the table. I truly L-O-V-E moments like that.
Anthony, Joni, and baby Orme at the park.
Who else showed up in Houston this weekend? None other than the annual Rodeo! This is a month-long rodeo that totally encompasses everything Texas. Go Texan Day was Friday to kick-off the rodeo. This day is a lot like Halloween for us because in case you didn’t notice nothing about us resembles a cowboy, but we could’ve definitely fooled you on Friday. Everyone is allowed to wear their western wear on Friday (even to work!). There were a lot of boots, belt buckles, and cowboy hats all over town. No matter how long I live in Houston, I think that I will always find this annual tradition hilarious. Everyday for the rest of the month there will be craft shows, concerts galore, BBQ competitions, bull-riding (the real kind, not the mechanical kind), mutton-busting (if you don’t know what this is you have to Google-it; it’s hilarious!), parades, a petting zoo, pig races, carnival rides, and all the delicious food you can imagine, from alligator-on-a-stick to deep fried oreos. This rodeo is one of the biggest in the world; requiring over 22,000 volunteers. All the trail riders have been arriving over the past few days for the rodeo competitions. Many of the riders have been traveling on horseback for the past month to get here….so sometimes traffic moves a bit slow to accommodate the horse drawn carriages and their riders. It’s an entertaining time in Houston!
xoxo Darby

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